How To Help Your New Driver Monitor Their Speed

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My oldest is getting closer and closer to the driving age and suddenly I am starting to understand why my parents were so panicked when I first started driving! Looking back at when I first started driving, I can remember being over the moon with excitement… yet also overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility. There is so much you need to pay attention to when driving and we all know how easily distracted a teenager can get. That is why I am considering installing the Uniden R7 radar, which will help my new driver monitor their speed. 


How To Help Your New Driver Monitor Their Speed

The Uniden R7 radar allows you to set a speed and the device will let you know when you go above that speed, so your teen driver can have a simple reminder that they need to focus on slowing down. With voice notifications and a MAX speed warning system, your new driver will be able to hear when they exceed the preset speed without having to take their eyes off the road.  This will enable them to maintain a safe driving speed while always having their eyes focused on the road. The large screen allows your teen to quickly and easily read the information while allowing them to maintain focus on the road ahead. No parent is never ready for their new teen driver to start driving, but the Uniden R7 radar is a great reassurance that your teen will always have a safe reminder when they start to go over the speed limit. Staying safe on the road and making sure you avoid having your car insurance go up because of a speeding ticket is beneficial for both parents and their new teen driver.

Safety Tips For Parents Of New Teen Driver

  • Provide a safe car for teens to drive: easy to maneuver, with airbags and good tires.
  • Give your teen gentle, constructive critiques of their driving, and keep your temper in check.
  • Set realistic goals, expectations, and consequences for your teen driver. If you make rules, stick to them.
  • Make sure your teen knows exactly what to do in the event of an accident.
  • No cell phone use while driving.
  • No peer passengers (Only allow adult passengers first; after the first six months of driving include siblings as passengers only if they are properly restrained.)
  • Do not ride with an unlicensed or inexperienced teen driver
  • Always wear a seat belt, as a driver and as a passenger.
  • No high-speed roads (Only allow low-volume, low-speed, familiar roads first; gradually add more difficult roads, such as highways, after practicing together.)
  • No driving in bad weather (Only allow driving in fair weather driving conditions first; after practicing together, add driving in more challenging weather conditions, such as in light rain or snow.)
  • Control the keys (Teen needs to ask to use the car first; gradually allow for more driving time after licensed for six months and track record in following house rules.)

I hope this blog post was helpful to you, let me know in the comment section below if your child will be driving soon and if you plan on using the Uniden R7 radar! 


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