How to Gift Your Family in Different Countries

How to Gift Your Family in Different Countries

It can require a little extra thinking when figuring out how to send Christmas, birthday or occasion gifts to loved ones who live in other countries – but it needn’t be much trouble! Your giftee will be touched that you’ve gone to the effort of sending a gift even though they might live far away.

Read this guide for some easy gift ideas that you can send abroad, that your family and friends will love.


  1. Hampers

These can be expensive, but you should spare no expense when showing your loved ones you care! There are plenty of companies who will send hampers filled with goodies of your choice – wine, preserves, cheese, cakes, other treats – for an all-in cost including delivery.

If your family live in a country where you cannot send food, don’t worry! You can send toy hampers for children, or toiletries hampers filled with soaps and perfume.

These are perfect gifts that anyone will love, and will provide them with a little extra sparkle on Christmas Day.


  1. Gift Cards

This is a great option for when you don’t specifically know what to buy your giftee, but you know the kind of stores they like!

Gift cards are also a very convenient option when sending gifts to different countries, as they’re lightweight, and can be posted via your normal postal service.

Many stores now have e-card options, where you can send a voucher directly to any email address!


  1. Send Money Abroad

Some see this as a lazy option – but money is ALWAYS appreciated, and can be a great option if sending a physical gift is too difficult in their country. You could always specify that the money should be put towards a certain something, or just for a treat that your giftee wouldn’t usually buy for themselves!

The best way to make a money transfer abroad is with the Pangea Money Transfer app. You can send money fast with a flat rate of just a few dollars to your family’s local bank account in their country. Pangea send money to 15 different countries, which instantly lands in the receiver’s bank account or can be picked up from a secure location. Simple!


  1. Flowers

A simple floral gift is classy, elegant and will brighten up your loved one’s home. They’re thoughtful and appropriate for a variety of occasions.

This one requires no delivering on your part! Simply find a florist local to where your friend or relative lives (this is easily done with Google), and order a bouquet to be delivered to their house on a specified date.

You can customize your bouquet any way you like, and ask the florist to add ribbons, cards, and decorations, for a truly personal gift.


  1. Create Your Own Care Package

If you’re certain you know what can be sent to your family’s country, make a care package yourself!

Get a sturdy box, and fill it with your receiver’s favorite things – their favorite candy (perhaps ones you can’t get in their country), clothing items, cosmetics, toiletries, DVDs, whatever you like. Maybe include a handwritten letter in the box to let your family know you’re thinking of them.

Then, take it to your postal depot, and it will arrive on your giftee’s doorstep in no time! (Be aware this can take a while – sometimes even a month – so ask the post office about estimated delivery times. You don’t want to miss the special occasion you’re sending the gift for!)


  1. Gift an Experience

Has your friend always wanted to go rock climbing, do a parachute jump, or learn to make cocktails? Book your giftee an experience they won’t forget.

Other ideas include booking a table at a lovely restaurant (with a paid tab), buy them some theater tickets, a trip to the cinema, a go-karting afternoon, a pottery class, etc. Anything you think they’ll love.

Experiences and the memories made there are amazing gifts that will be remembered forever. Find out what is available to do in their local area.

  1. Jewelry

This gift is perfect for if you live away from your spouse or partner, or just want to send someone a thoughtful present.

Jewelry boxes are small and lightweight, so will be inexpensive to post and delivered quicker than larger items.

Classic jewelry pieces like a fine gold necklace, bracelet or ring make beautiful gifts that they’ll always treasure.

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