How To Get The Kids Out Of The House This Winter

How To Get The Kids Out Of The House This Winter

Top three family days out in the local area – whether you’re looking for a healthy or educational trip out with the kids, Hatfield has you covered.

It’s been a long, cold winter and those with kids are likely experiencing some cabin fever as the novelty of those Amazon Fire Christmas presents begins to wear off and the little ones are slowly but surely climbing the walls looking for something to do. With spring around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the local Hatfield area. Here are some top family days out, whether you’re looking for Saturday afternoon ideas after lunch at a lovely restaurant in Hatfield, or need plenty of plans up your sleeve to get through the school holidays.

Hatfield House And Gardens

Within the grounds of the magnificent Hatfield House stately home, children will simply love visiting the Hatfield Park farm which is home to cattle, ducks, geese, sheep, turkeys and many other furry favourites. As well as viewing them pottering around grazing in the paddocks, the kiddies can enjoy going for a ride aboard a tractor. If that hasn’t worn them out, then head down to Bloody Hollow, the adventure playground with a replica of Hatfield House inside. Once those legs do tire, there are plenty of opportunities for refreshments and gifts back at Stable Yard. This is a truly fantastic day out for the family.

Mill Green Mill And Museum

Children won’t fail to be fascinated by the work carried out by the millers on this site, which has been in existence for a thousand years. As well as learning the process behind how water turns the wheel and the stones grind the flour, children can also view some graffiti within the mill that has been present for over one hundred years. In an age where youngsters spend so much time in front of a screen, this is a fantastic way to get children to engage in learning about the production of things that we all take for granted. They can buy a bag of organic flour to take home to make pizzas with, or enjoy craft sessions and a Teddy Bears Fun Day.


If you’re looking for a way for the whole family to get fit while having tremendous amounts of fun, then head up to Welwyn Garden City which is less than three miles away and indulge in some discomania. Rollercity is exactly as it sounds – a massive arena with pumping 80s beats and a spectacular light show, guaranteed to keep you entertained as you move around the arena and bust some mum and dad moves to embarrass or impress your kids with, depending on how good you are and how old they are. If you want to turn it into a real workout, then strap on a Fitbit or Apple Watch and track the number of calories you burn as you have fun as a family. It’s a much healthier option than a boring weekend McDonalds visit.

Families who live in the Hatfield area are spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying a fab day out together. Why not plan your next trip out for the school holidays?


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