How To Get Odors Out Of Items That Can’t Go In The Washer!

How To Get Odors Out Of Items That Can't Go In The Washer!This is a sponsored post with FunkAway and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

As a mother of three I have come across my fare share of items that my children have managed to get smelly or dirty that simply can’t just be thrown in the wash without getting ruined. I tried some crazy and time consuming methods in order to get those odd items smelling fresh! Thankfully I have finally discovered a simple and effective way to get odors out of items that can’t go in the washer and I know you are going to be just as impressed as I am!

How To Get Odors Out Of Items That Can't Go In The Washer!

Whether you have a football star that needs their helmet freshened up or a little one with a special teddy bear that is holding together my frail threads and is emitting an unpleasant odor… FunkAway is there to help! Something you must first need to understand is that the yucky sweat isn’t what makes these items stink… nope unfortunately it is much worse! This awful smelling odor is actually a bacteria that feeds on the sweat and out-gases the nasty odor. In lamer terms… the bacteria is farting! That is where FunkAway becomes your tool to eliminate this! This product is scientifically designed to eliminate that nasty bacteria smell.

How To Get Odors Out Of Items That Can't Go In The Washer!

FunkAway manages this amazing task with its unique formulated patented compound called OM Complex™, which attacks the Funk created by hard days on the field, rink, court or job site. When these items are applied on contact, FunkAway will attack the odor by absorbing the odor molecules and encasing them in a bubble. Inside the funk-proof bubble, the odor is broken down. The final result…. No more Funk!
How To Get Odors Out Of Items That Can't Go In The Washer!
There are several amazing FunkAway items to help keep odor away both on contact and even in the washer. Make sure to take advantage of the Free shipping weekend on 12:01am Thursday (Nov 23) -11:59pm Monday (Nov 27). You can also purchase Buy $12 worth of FunkAway product and get a free Traveler size (3.4 oz) to add to as a Stocking Stuffer!

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