How To Find The Right CBD Dosage For You

There are various ways to take CBD, but since there are no regulations in terms of how much you take, how do you know which dose to consume? In this blog, we’ll highlight the factors that determine your dosage and how to work out the ideal CBD dosage for your needs.

How do you start taking CBD?

The usual way to start taking CBD, whether you’re taking CBD isolate or another product, is to start off small and build up slowly. For example, you might start off with a 3-5mg dose for the first week and then the following week, build up to 7mg, and so on, until you’ve found the right balance for your own body and needs.

It’s important to take into account why you’re taking CBD and what you’re trying to treat, as this will also affect the starting dose. CBD can be used for a variety of conditions – the more severe your symptoms, the higher the dose will likely need to be.

What’s the typical dose?

For most people, the typical dose of CBD is between 20 and 40mg per dose, however some may take much less, such as 1mg, while others may need much more. The dose depends on the strength of the product you’re using, but also how your body reacts. There are several factors that can influence this, such as the severity of the condition you’re treating, how well you tolerate CBD and the potency of the product.

The latter of these factors is important and a big variable in how much CBD you should be taking. You need to take into account the size of the bottle you have, and the amount of CBD listed on the product – for example, you may have a 30ml bottle that contains 600 mg of CBD. You then divide the CBD figure by the size of the bottle to get the potency per millilitre. In this case, 600mg divided by 30ml = 20mg/ml. This will enable you to get the dose correct – for 20mg/ml, you would need to take 1ml for a 20g dose or 0.5ml for a 10mg dose, and so on.

Your weight and height will also play a role – the amount of CBD needed to feel the benefits for someone who weighs 100lbs will be different for someone who weighs 200lbs. So, this should be factored in when you’re striking the balance between strength and the dose you need. Starting off low and gradually increasing your dose is the best way to find what works for you and your condition.

Are there risks associated with CBD? 

There aren’t any known health risks associated with CBD, but you should still be cautious as everyone’s body reacts differently. If you are taking any medications, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have underlying health concerns, you should avoid CBD. Likewise, you shouldn’t exceed 70 mg per day of CBD.

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