How to Find the Ideal Beauty Routine For Your Individual Skin Type

Far too often we are using the wrong beauty product for our skin. We refer to our friends for the products they love using. We hear celebrity testimonials on how a product has completely changed their lives. All these recommendations and we never really consider that each person’s skin type varies and has their own individual issues and needs. Relying on someone else for skin care advice that has different skin than you does not help you at all. The best approach is to discover what your skin type is and narrow it down to a product that focuses on your skin’s needs. I am so thrilled to share with you a simple way to obtain the ideal beauty routine for your individual skin type!

How to Find the Ideal Beauty Routine For Your Individual Skin Type

A few months ago one of my sisters came to visit us from out of state for a few weeks. We ere out shopping at a beauty store one day when she recommended a skin care product that apparently worked wonders on her skin. Without hesitation I grabbed it and was convinced I had found the cure to all my skin issues. Not even two days of using this product and my face broke out and hive and my eyes almost swelled shut. I spent the next few days in hiding while I waited for the allergy medicine to calm things down. This was not the first time this has happened and I finally decided that I needed to be more proactive about finding a skin care routine that worked for my particular skin type. This eventually led me to the Olay Skin Advisor Tool, Olay’s state-of-the-art mobile site that uses advanced facial analysis to pinpoint what product you need to achieve softer, more age-defying skin.

Olay Skin Advisor will help you figure out exactly which products your skin needs. Just open up the website on your mobile device, then you will be asked to upload your photo in order get your personalized skincare recommendations. Once your skin has been analyzed, they will give you a list of recommended products that are best for your skincare routine. After taking the test for myself, I was given several products that were recommended for my skin and ended up narrowing it down to two that I thought would be perfect for my new skincare routine!

I then found my two products on the website and placed an order for free in store pickup. I was able to pick both of the products up that afternoon, without having to search for them at the store or pay for shipping! This is one service a mom of three can really appreciate. I simply picked them up at the customer service desk and was out of there in five minutes.

The next step for me was to see if these products were truly ideal for my skin. Keep in mind that you should typically try out a new skincare routine for 28 days. This is important because your skin needs time to adjust to the new products and detoxify from the old products that you had been previously been using. Plus everyone’s skin is different and while one person could see a result in just a few days, your skin may need a few weeks before seeing results. So just keep this in mind and don’t give up too soon on a product if you don’t see immediate results.

My skin was actually starting to show results after a little over a week. The first few days are what I always pay close attention to because if I am going to have an allergic reaction, it always happens within a day or two. However, I could tell these products would be good on my sensitive skin because they were very light and not overpowering with scents and chemicals. My skin always felt so light and refreshed after using the products!

After giving my skin a month to try out this new skincare routine I was pleased to realize that I may have just discovered exactly what my individual skin type needed! I just love how I was able to find products that narrowed in on my skincare needs, left my skin feeling better than before and didn’t cause my skin to get red or dried out (which is common for me when trying a new skincare routine.) Your skincare routine is such an individual experience and I highly recommend that you try the Olay Skin Advisor Tool so you can find the products that work for your skin!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Olay and Acorn Influence. All opinions and thoughts expressed are 100% my very my own. #28DaysofOlay

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