How to Ensure Your Child Has Excellent Eye Health

It’s so important that we keep on top of our kid’s health. After all, we want them to grow up to be healthy individuals. But for a lot of moms, when it comes to their kid’s health, they often forget about their child’s eyes! After all, it’s so easy to take it for granted they are working correctly. But it’s so important to keep their eye health in check, so they have great eyesight until old age. Therefore, here are some ways you can ensure your kid has excellent eye health.

Limit their screen time as much as possible

It’s common for kids to spend a high proportion of the day on some form of screen. After all, they might be looking at computers a lot during the day. And in the evening, they might spend time on tablets and mobiles. But constant screen time is having a damaging effect on people’s eyes. In fact, many eye experts are saying it weakens the eyes and can cause people to need glasses earlier in life. Therefore, you need to limit your kid’s screen time as much as possible. If they are using it at school, find other activities for them to do at home instead. And make sure that they understand they need to give their eyes a break during screen time. For example, they should be on a screen for 20 minutes and then have 10 minutes break to give their eyes some rest!

Give them food and drink which is beneficial to eyes

You might be surprised to hear that your diet can actually have an effect on your eye health. In fact, there are some foods which are better for your eyes than others. For example, if you want to keep your kid’s eyes in good shape, you need to head down the fruit and vegetable route. Pumpkins, for example, contain vitamin A and C which can both lower the risk of cataracts. In fact, you can read more eye health benefits from pumpkins online. And carrots are well-known for ensuring your eyes stay in good health. And it’s not just fruit and vegetables which can help protect your eyes. As it describes in this feature, eggs can also help prevent issues like macular degeneration! Therefore, add these to your kid’s diet to keep their eyes working correctly.

Get them to wear sunglasses in sunshine  

It’s so easy to let kids play outside in the sun. And while you might remember to apply sun lotion before they head out, it’s not always the case when it comes to sunglasses. But it’s so important to get your kids to wear a pair of sun glasses when they play out in the sun. After all, it protects them from the UV rays which can damage their eyesight. Therefore, hunt down a good pair with 100% UV protection to ensure they can safely play without harming their eyes!

And let your little one play with toys which help their visual development. For example, puzzles and building blocks can be essential for little kids to help their eyesight. And remember if you spot any poor coordination when they are young, it’s best to get it checked over before it turns into a bigger issue. In fact, you can read about the importance of eye exams in my previous blog.

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