How to Create a Handmade Birthday Collage

In the times of globalization and freedom of traveling, we all have relatives and friends who live far away. So, it is sometimes difficult to make them a special birthday present they deserve and express your deepest gratitude for them. Would you like to surprise your loved ones with a handmade unique happy birthday collage that they will cherish for years to come? Then you will be pleased to discover Photo Collage Maker – a good helper in creating cute collages, greetings cards, invitations, and many more. Alternately, you can make it an extra unique birthday photo album. You can instantly create one straight from your computer or social media; click this to learn more.

So why should you choose a birthday collage as a gift? 

  • Such creative and original present will stand out among the conventional presents and put a smile on your friend’s face on this special day.
  • It is a huge time-saver because you can create a personalized collage without any prior knowledge in graphic design. 
  • It is also an immense money-saver since there is no need to purchase a card at the store. You can simply make it at home and send it via email or social media account. 
  • A fun collage is a great way to put together the best moments of the birthday person’s life in one artwork. 

Now let’s try to make a great and memorable present together using the following tips. 

 Pick a Template

Check out a great portfolio of over 350 birthday collage templates for many occasions. 

Does your friend like flowers? Pick a card with roses or lilies and a birthday cake. Does he or she enjoys cars? There is a selection of cute layouts with champagne, cars, fireworks, and many more. You will find an adorable birthday template to emphasize your friend’s personality and uniqueness.

 Add Themed Photos

Now, think of a theme! Maybe you want to acknowledge your friend’s hobby and make a birthday pic collage with his or her life-work: traveling, making jewelry, or creating funny comics stories. Or perhaps, your collage idea might include pictures of your friend growing up: from baby to adult photos showing every important step of his or her life. Select 5 to 7 photos with a similar theme and color palette, and don’t forget to make sure that all faces are visible and the photos are of good quality. 

 Create a Unique Design

Although the templates come with a layout, you can create your unique birthday collage design with the integrated styling tools. Try out various frames, masks, and clipart. But don’t go overboard with clipart and stickers – add 2-3 cute ones to spice up your work. And make sure you have a harmonious color palette: if most of the pictures have been taken outside in nature, mix green and yellow, if you are looking for a more romantic and feminine design, try pale blue and pink, if the birthday person has a bright and expressive personality, use blue and turquoise. 

 Come up with Birthday Wishes

Now it is time for happy birthday wishes. Write a heartwarming and personal words on your photo collage for birthday and express your sincerest appreciation and gratefulness. Tell your friend why you value him or her this much and why the birthday person is so important to you. Choose one of the built-in stylish fonts to make your wishes stand out, however, make sure your text is readable and matches the overall color palette of your design – it is hard to focus on one thing when every part of the design is too colorful.

Share Your Gift

The birthday collage maker allows you to save your work on your PC and send it to your friend via email or a social media account. Alternatively, you can print it out at home, put it in a nice envelope, and mail it via post. 

Having long-distance friendships is not easy and requires a lot of work. So, make your friend’s day with this cute and warm birthday collage. Additionally, you can use the program to create an invitation for your next party or a photo album to preserve the family pictures. Spoil your friend on this special day with an incredibly thoughtful gift!

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