How to Choose the Right Level of Care For Senior Parents

Taking care of your elder’s living quarters and arrangements is part of your caretaker’s routine. Once private living becomes too complicated, options like assisted living for married people and assisted living in CCRC offer a possibility of normalizing life. 

A big part of caring for your parents is choosing the right level of care. That’s why we bring you this article, talking about safety, needs, and services to choose from. Don’t forget, in today’s world that is full of different care levels, no senior should feel misplaced or alone. 

Know what the needs of your seniors are

Sometimes, the need for help in everyday living is obvious for some seniors. That is why you need to know what their needs are, and these might include: 

  • Mobility
  • Finances
  • Home-life and chores
  • Medication 
  • Special needs
  • Health
  • Mental health

If they love taking walks or sitting on the bench in the park, then mobility and open spaces are something they need. That’s why it is key to talk to your parents before deciding on assisted living types. The best way is to ask them for feedback too. 

Is a home still safe?

Before fully ruling out any level of care your seniors need, think about whether their home is still safe for them? Does it have slippery staircases, and can the stove catch on fire? Are they fully mobile in their home? Are there any outside threats like flooding or storms? 

After you have assessed these questions, determine whether your senior needs any level of care. If we are talking about a couple, you can look for assisted living for married people. Also, if your senior has a disease, you can consider assisted living in CCRC or continuing care retirement communities. 

How to know it’s the right time to Hire These Services

If your senior is having a hard time taking medications, being mobile, and taking care of their home, one has to be honest with themselves. This means, if your senior has any problems with taking care of their home or surroundings, it is time to consider senior care. This means hiring services for certain tasks or helping in the house. Sometimes they will also need medical help or someone near to call to help them with simple tasks, like take the trash out. 

What Types of Services Do We have to Choose From? 

Different levels of care, as well as senior centers, will offer different care facilities, programs, and care levels. Here are the service types you can choose from: 

  • In-Home Care Services
  • In-Home Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • Senior Day Care Services
  • Support Group
  • Caregiver Resources

 How to Choose the Right Home Care Company?

If you’ve already decided your senior parent needs help with their lifestyle, you need to think about home care companies. Also, this way, you can search for senior homes and other senior care facilities. Here is how to choose the right option for your needs: 

  • Look at reviews – Check out how the reviews are, both on the internet, in senior magazines, and by talking with other families. Once there, it is best to ask actual current users of the facility or company for their thoughts. This way, you can see how they treat their patients and how they might treat your loved ones. Always ask for pros and cons. 
  • Compare costs – Get a list of options and compare their costs. Consider different costs and packages, different care levels, and upgrades you can do. 
  • Perform an audit – Take some time to think, and assess the mobility, daily tasks, and needs of your senior. When taking this step, don’t forget to be neutral, so the audit is not biased. 

Some Important Questions to Ask

Whether while choosing the right caretaker company for your senior or talking to your senior about their care level, here are the questions you need to ask before taking this big step: 

  • What are the special needs of my senior? What are their favorite pastimes?
  • Are the caretakers certified, educated, and offered ongoing training?
  • Do you customize your services and do you offer to customize levels of care?


In the end, knowing your senior’s needs is in the first place when choosing a level of care. That’s why assisted living for married people and assisted living in CCRC or continuing care retirement communities is something we recommend to every senior out there. It gives them independence and assesses their needs.

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