How to Build an Eco-friendly Makeup Kit

You can love a hundred makeup brands and still be eco-friendly. It’s all a matter of loving the right products and building your makeup kit in a sustainable way. No, this doesn’t mean you have to make your own skincare products just to control what ingredients go into them. Eco-conscious companies have already done their best in minimizing their footprint and you can take advantage of their efforts.

Here’s how you can build an eco-friendly skincare routine:

Buy Online

 There’s one unique eco-friendly advantage when you buy cosmetics online. It lessens the use of fuel, as you don’t have to get out of your house to buy the item yourself. It will be delivered to your doorstep, yes, but the fuel consumption is significantly less considering the number of shipment going out to different locations but using the same vehicle. In the same principle that carpooling is better for the environment, your online shopping habit is just as eco-friendly.

Use Refillable Products

If you’re a fan of cushion BB creams, you’ll be happy to know that there are cushion cases you can simply refill with your favorite product. Any liquid foundation can be stored in this case, or you can also buy the same brand that offers the foundation to make sure the formula will not be compromised when you transfer them into a different container. Some brands also allow you to DIY by selling separate cases and refills. When you’ve used up the product, you just have to buy a new refill without throwing away the case. Clean it thoroughly before reusing, though!

How to Build an Eco-friendly Makeup Kit

Clean Your Brushes

Brushes last longer if you keep them in good condition. That means cleaning them regularly to avoid buildup of product on their bristles, which affects the quality of application you get. If you’re not getting good results and there’s too much product fallout, you’ll want to switch brushes, which means your old ones will end up in the bin. To be sustainable, invest in high-quality brushes and take good care of them. The same is true for your makeup sponges.

Being eco-friendly despite your love for makeup is not as hard as you think. Some companies make a conscious effort to minimize waste, and you can do your part by utilizing your available resources to keep products from landfills.

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