How to Accessorize in Style

It’s always true that the accessories can make or break an ensemble. In fact, few wardrobe collections are complete without the right jewelry, bags, and bling. Your accessories add pops of color, texture, and sparkle to your favorite outfits. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to know exactly what to pick.

Whether you’re looking for the right necklace to go with a new dress or you want to pick out some jewelry to pair with your favorite sweater, there are ways that you can spruce up any outfit. Here’s what you need to know.

Start with the earrings.

From sterling silver statement earrings that can make a simple outfit pop with texture and shine to white gold studs that draw attention to your ears, there are always ways to incorporate jewelry into your style. If you’re at work, you can go for small hoop earrings and then switch into your favorite earrings combinations for a night out on the town later on. The right statement earring combination can give your outfit that extra something that it’s missing. Want an excuse to dig through your wardrobe or go thrifting? Since 90s style is back in full swing, consider a doorknocker earring combo paired with your favorite dress for a fun, flirty nighttime look.

The right necklace can make a powerful statement.

While your earrings can do many of your outfit’s heavy lifting, they pose a problem for people who don’t have or don’t want piercings. If you don’t have some high-quality necklaces in your wardrobe, it’s time to rethink that. Luckily, there’s an almost infinite number of ways to find necklaces that complement and accentuate your style. If you want something a little more trendy, go for a choker that highlights your neck, or choose a delicate chain that can focus on your collar. Pair your favorite necklace with a turtleneck sweater for a hip, cottagecore combo that’ll empower you throughout the day.

Take a look at your shoes.

After you’ve picked out hoops, headbands, or even a necklace to pair with your sweater, you need to look at the rest of the look. Your jewelry is only the beginning. In fact, the wrong pair of shoes can completely dismantle an outfit. You’re probably going to end up choosing between three shoe types when you’re choosing an outfit. Between flats, boots, and heels, you’re going to have plenty of options. Flats are good for a more casual look or for a day when you’ll be on your feet for a few hours. If you need a pair of sneakers for your day-to-day, you can choose a classic pair of high tops that work in and out of the office. For heels, an ornate pair of pumps are perfect for your next date night.

Finish with a bag.

When you think of iconic fashion moments, how many of them feature a bag? From Princess Diana’s Lady Dior bag to Kanye’s Luis Vuitton backpack, some pop culture’s top style moments revolve around the right bag. If you’re headed into the office, choose a faux suede or leather. Or, you can opt for a functional tote bag. At night, pick a quilted evening bag that has metallic embellishments or a discrete clutch that doesn’t draw away from your outfit. In addition, there are endless combinations of purses, bags, and totes that you can use to push or pull your outfit’s focus. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of purse-centric retail therapy from time to time?

No matter your personal style, there are almost always ways that you can incorporate accessories. Whether you’re picking out a new pair of sunglasses or you’re trying to mix and match your favorite earring combinations, try to find accessories that speak to you. Who knows what your inner style icon might unleash?

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