How Much Does Drain Cleaning Cost in Fullerton?

Here at High Speed Plumbing of Fullerton, we get a lot of questions related to our drain cleaning services. One of the common questions homeowners ask relates to the cost of expert drain cleaning in Fullerton. Many people want to know the amount they can expect to pay when they hire a drain cleaning service. Today, we will cover the average cost of drain cleaning in Fullerton, so that you’re not caught by surprise when your drains get clogged.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Different Types of Drains in the Fullerton Area?

  • Kitchen sink and garbage disposal

The average cost of cleaning a kitchen sink drain is about $220, but ranges between $140 and $320 depending on many factors. A simple clog caused by accumulated food waste can be cleared in a matter of minutes, so you can expect to pay about $150. However, stubborn clogs caused by hardened grease, mineral deposits, or foreign objects that have slipped down the drain will likely take longer and cost more to clear. If your kitchen sink is clogged and a plunger doesn’t seem to clear the clog, do not stress over something that’s out of your control. Pick up the phone and call a trusted drain cleaning service in Fullerton for assistance.

  • Toilet drains

It costs anywhere from $100 to $200 to have a plumber in Fullerton come in and unclog your toilet. Some plumbers may offer a flat rate for toilet drain cleaning in Fullerton, while others might charge by hour. You can expect to pay $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the plumber’s rates. If a toilet plumber or drain snake cannot clear the clog, get in touch with a trusted and experienced plumber in Fullerton to help you out. A professional plumber will not just fix the problem; they’ll also address the root cause of the clog to prevent future issues.

  • Bathtub or shower drain

The average cost that homeowners in Fullerton pay for bathtub or shower drain cleaning is between $100 and $250. It takes about 1 to 3 hours to clean bathtub or shower drains. Assuming your plumber charges between $50 and $150 per hour, you can expect to pay up to $250, depending on the complexity of the job. You can prevent bathtub clogs by installing a drain screen or strainer and being mindful of what goes down the drain.

  • Sewer main line

As you would expect, sewer line cleaning costs much more than cleaning toilet drains or bathtub drains. The sewer line runs underground, so reaching a clog in the sewer line requires more effort and takes more time. To have your sewer line professionally cleaned, expect to pay from $300 to $700 or more. Hydro-jetting services can cost over $1,000 because the process is more intensive and requires advanced water-jetting equipment. Some of the preventive measures you can take to keep your sewer line in good condition and prevent clogs include:

  • Plant trees at least 10 feet away from your sewer line.
  • If you must plant trees near your sewer line, install a sewer line root barrier to prevent the roots from growing into the sewer pipes.
  • Be mindful of what you flush down the toilet—avoid flushing diapers, medications, condoms, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, paint, and other inappropriate items.

Call High Speed Plumbing of Fullerton For Expert Drain CleaningIf you’re in need of professional drain cleaning of Fullerton, get in touch with High Speed Plumbing of Fullerton. We’re here to help you keep your drains in tip-top shape. Contact us today for fast, reliable, and affordable service.

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