How Moms Are Changing the Stigma around Marijuana

Since the legalization of marijuana in some states, more and more people are opening up to be cannabis consumers. However, since the beginning, smoking weed has been treated with stigma. Only a few people focus on the benefits side of marijuana, while the majority focus on stereotypes. The stigma has been dragging on, although things are getting better with time. Unfortunately, women and specifically moms, who use cannabis confess to facing stigma.

Fighting the Stigma around Marijuana

Marijuana use has been associated with recklessness, laziness, and messiness. Now, imagine the level of discrimination you are going to face if you are a mom. Women who have children have complained about getting stigmatized more than dads do. They are therefore coming out to change the stigma.

Recently, an organization emerged and is trying to provide a space for mom to discuss cannabis as well as trying to reduce the stigma against them. Since 2017 when Shannon, a Vancouver mom, advocated for women regarding the use of cannabis, many more women are coming up to defend themselves. Today, you can easily find podcasts from women educating people on the importance of cannabis and how to use it responsibly.

Are Cannabis Moms Lazy and Disorganized?

Moms using marijuana are also breaking through the notion that cannabis users are lazy, messy, unambitious, and reckless. They have become the best moms. Many people who do not have children may not understand the stress that comes with bringing up kids. They are always on your neck demanding, crying, and wanting. So, moms are choosing to use cannabis responsibly to relax from this kind of stress.

Cannabis moms are not reckless. They are organized and able to look after their children in the right way. In fact, most moms confess to being more productive when high on weed than when they are sober. This kind of organization and productivity is, somehow, changing the perceptions of some people who think cannabis users are messy. These moms don’t have to leave burnt joints or bongs where kids can see or reach. They also don’t have to smoke or use cannabis in the presence of their children.

Cannabis moms are also very productive at their workplaces. If you research, you will come across some of the famous women like Rozzie Mattio who even grow cannabis and still manage to take care of her kids. As their way of treating this stigmatization, cannabis moms ask people to view the use of marijuana as just like drinking a glass of wine. It does not do any harm. You only feel good and relaxed. According to moms, both weed and alcohol cause impairment when used in large amounts. However, people tend to accept alcohol more than weed. So, why is it socially unacceptable for a mom to smoke a joint after a stressful day? This is just an outdated perspective that requires changing.

Understanding the Effects of Marijuana

As much as moms would like to stop the stigmatization going around marijuana moms, it is also important to understand that marijuana has side effects. Irresponsible consumption of marijuana will only lead to creating a negative picture about cannabis moms and increase the stigma. Parents need to be informed about the side of consuming marijuana and how to take it responsibly. This will ensure they don’t jeopardize their skills of parenting. To reduce stigmatization, a mom should not put herself in a position where they endanger their kids or even drive while high.

Moms who use marijuana today are ashamed of coming out for making this choice. Even though marijuana has been legalized, moms are still being stigmatized for using it. There has been an improvement in women trying to open up about using cannabis, and this has been effective. With time, people will accept moms who use cannabis just like they have accepted those who take alcohol. With this rate of confession and empowerment about the benefits of marijuana, the cloud of judgment towards pot moms will disappear.


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