How Do You Clean the Blades on a Ninja Blender?

We have various Ninja blender versions in the market. Others have up to 6 blades while most blenders have just four blades. Few options boast auto clean features where you don’t subject yourself into washing them regularly. However, those lacking the feature need a manual wash after every use. 

But how are Ninja blender blades cleaned? Most people owning these blender models just accomplish the cleaning just as how they do it to other components. However, cleaning the Ninja blender blades entails a lot. Let’s help the Ninja blender owners the steps to accomplish this exercise successfully.

How Do You Clean the Blades on a Ninja Blender?

Before moving steps further, why is cleaning the Ninja blender blades of importance? Cleaning the blades is a way of maintaining them sharp to serve you effectively quite longer. After using the blender, it’s advisable to clear all food residues from the blades. They will get you through an efficient blending process next time you use your machine. 

The mixture you blend as well means a lot to the overall cleanliness of the blades. There are mixtures you use that act as rinsing agents as well to these blades. However, not every time will you be using a rinsing mixture in your preparations. Hereby, there is a need to remove them for thorough cleaning. 

Before you commence on the cleaning process, there are few measures you need to mind. They include;

Remember that blenders have sharp blades. Therefore, avoid rushing over when washing them. You might end up getting serious cuts while in the process of cleaning them. 

Secondly, don’t try sharpening your Ninja blender blades. Whenever you find damaged assemblies, then you need to replace them. Lastly, avoid putting your machine’s blades assemblies at the base without attaching the cup. 

Let’s now enlighten prospective buyers and owners who lack ideas about cleaning these components.

Disassembling and Cleaning the Blades

The blender blades normally get attached to the main jar. You will remove them by a simple twist of the jar anticlockwise. After separating the blender jar from the main body, commence disassembling the edges of the blades from the jar.

Now, you have your blades and it’s time to clean them. You don’t require complicated detergents or solutions to accomplish this task. Just dish soap and hot water are enough. 

You might come across stubborn bits on the blades. Here, you need a sponge or toothbrush to get rid of these bits. Soak your toothbrush white vinegar and scrub over the blades till they are clean. Experts recommend white vinegar since they make the blades shinier.

Dealing with Extremely Dirty Blades

Your Ninja blender might develop extreme dirt that none of the above methods can clean them. For such blades, you need the polident tablets. These tablets have antibacterial agents that help to get rid all dirt from the blender blades. Polident tablets have the potential of cleaning any tough stains on steel and other surfaces. 

How do you work with the polident tablets to clean your blades? Fetch water in a basin and add about two polident tablets. Get your blades and submerge them into the prepared solution. Wait them to soak before you get them for rinsing 

Other people get involved in busy schedules that makes them unable to complete the exercise correctly. For these people, they can do the cleaning task in a different manner. They can accomplish the cleaning exercise without necessarily separating the blades from the jar.

What to do here is simply filling your blender with lukewarm water. Thereafter, add about two polident tablets into the jar. Allow about an hour for the blades to soak. After which scrub off all dirt from the blades using a toothbrush.

Cleaning the Ninja Blender Jar

After thoroughly cleaning the blades, mind the jar as well. It’s of more demand washing the jar than even other components that make up the blender. Usually jars get contaminated easily. Therefore, it’s better to mind cleaning the first before any other component.

Blending the Blender Using a Dish Soap

Pour water into the jar until it’s half full. When washing Ninja blenders, remember experts recommend using only lukewarm water for the exercise. Add some dish soap droplets and close the lid. On the settings panel, switch it to low settings and turn it on.

Let your blender blend the contents inside for about a minute until a foamy solution forms. Rinse your jar using lukewarm water and you have accomplished this exercise. This step only helps to remove food residues stuck to the blender jar.

Dealing with Tough Stains

For tough stains on the jar, think about lemon as your helper here. As above, refill your jar with lukewarm water and add a few dish soap drops. Get some coarsely chopped lemons and add into the jar. 

Close the lid securely and start the blender to run on low setting. Allow a minute blending time after which, rinse the blender jar. Lemon here will deal with all tough stains in both your jar and the lead as well. Consequently, lemons turn the entire cleaning process of other components manageable. 

Now, after completing the steps provided above, it’s time you remove any other stuck stains. Employ a toothbrush or any rough sponge for this exercise. Others have ever tested with a steel wool and everything went correctly. 

When cleaning the jar, remember you do this both the inside and outside surfaces. When the stains persist, go another route and employ vinegar and baking soda to clean the jar. Allow the mixture to sit before blending until it reaches the lids and edges. Allow soaking time for about three hours or overnight. After which, rinse your jar and it’s read to blend.


Cleaning Ninja blender blades is so frustrating and time consuming. However, since this is a maintenance exercise of your machine, it’s important to clean it thoroughly before using. Our guide above will provide insight about how to undertake the cleaning process to the end

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