How Can I Best Keep an Eye on My Baby?

With the latest baby monitors, it is now possible to keep an eye on your baby from greater distances, hear what they are up to, and to have two-way contact with them. To find out about the best baby monitors on the market, there are the reviews at Mommyhood101 that you can study for more information as to the different features. In addition, this article will also look at other ways of keeping an eye on your baby. Not that one method on its own needs to be adopted, using a combination of methods is always preferable.

Baby Monitors

The device or technology of a baby monitor can be used to keep a close eye on a baby at times when it is not possible to be in the same room as them. Working from home is a typical example of not always being able to cuddle and hold a baby as close to you as you might like. At the same time, you still want to know that your baby is safe, happy, and well.

The features that you can expect from a modern video baby monitor include a high quality of video resolution, mobile app capability, two-way communication with your baby, the ability to play music, the facility to adjust the camera from a distance, and being able to capture photo stills and video shots of your baby. In addition, there is the added safety and security that this kind of monitoring provides.

Other Family Members

Other siblings can be an asset to looking after a baby. They can take it in turns to share the task. This has the benefits of teaching responsibility and helps with forming closer bonds between siblings. They become more selfless. Rivalry is still bound to exist in households as siblings disagree but perhaps this can be lessened by siblings early on taking care of their close relatives. This kind of care also makes people happy, improves mental health, and keeps everyone physically fit. Caring for a baby is a physically demanding role. There is the notion that caring for siblings can help those who do to live longer. Then, the other end of the scale, the care that you have given others earlier on in your life is then returned during your old age.

Hired Child Care

It is not always possible to call upon siblings for childcare. Often because the baby in question is the first born. In other cases, there are age differences between siblings that result in them being busy with schoolwork or involved in demanding roles within their careers. It ought to be a consideration not to jeopardise exam chances by overtiring siblings by placing them on childcare duties in such situations.

In relation to hiring childcare, on the one hand you want to care for your own child and form a close bond with them, but on the other, you do not want to lose touch with the job market. In addition, it may work out more cost effective to hire childcare than to give up a well-paid job and career that will exist long after your child has started school.

When hiring childcare, you will need to obtain good references to establish the carer’s suitability with regards to their ability to care for your child in respect of their previous experience and qualification in that area. For older children, it becomes harder to find suitable carers because you want it to be someone your children like as much as someone who they will respect in terms of your same standards of discipline to be applied. However, for the present, you might want to consider if the carer has experience of looking after babies and much younger children, as well as older ones, before hiring them. Your hired carer will also, of course, be able to make use of your baby monitor and can perhaps be used for household chores, too. Alternatively, childcare can be arranged outside of the home by organisations that run creches or nurseries. These often prove costly and you may prefer, early in your child’s life, for them to stay at home.

So, in summary there are a few ways to keep an eye on your baby, either by taking care of them yourself with the assistance of a baby monitor, by relying on family or friends but being mindful of the impact on their time, or by balancing the cost of hiring an external carer with the features a baby monitor can provide.

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