How and Why to Show Someone you Care

How and Why to Show Someone you CareWe all go through those moments when someone close to us is going through a hard time and we feel helpless, never knowing what to do. It is in these moments that we must remember that, even if we cannot do anything else, just showing someone that you are is more than enough.

How do you react when someone breaks bad news? What are you supposed to say to someone who has just lost a loved one? There is nothing that can prepare us for a loss, regardless of how sudden or expected it was.

The only thing worse than coping with a loss, or any bad news at all, is sitting by and watching someone else go through a difficult time. The feeling of helplessness can be almost as bad as the grief itself, but it can often be that all that anyone needs is someone to listen to them or be there to sit in silence with.


Different people deal with bad news in different ways. Some may be quiet and withdrawn for a period of time, while others may force themselves out of their comfort zone. Either way, you will always do well to just simply let them know that you are there if ever and whenever they want to talk about things.

Small gifts such as flowers as a token of your sympathy can make for a good way of letting someone know that they are in your thoughts, especially if you are unable to be with them in person. All that anyone wants to know during hard times is that they have someone there for them.


Often, when someone has fallen on hard times they will look to cover this up rather than seeking any help. This can be a cry for help without actually saying so, and can come in many forms.

If you ever suspect that a loved one is suffering from mental health issues, try not to call them out on it because they may already be feeling isolated and vulnerable. The best way to approach this is to take them to one side and ask if everything is alright and reassure them that you are there to speak to them.

Depression can take on many forms, with many falsely assuming that it is just a case of feeling down when in reality depression can be as a result of anxiety, stress and feeling lethargic among others. In these cases, just sitting and listening to someone air their grievances and get a load off of their chest can be the best medicine.

Organize an Event

The best way to get over any bad news is to organize an event and have some fun. It does not matter whether it is a small gathering round someone’s house or large event where everyone puts on their best clothes and dance long into the night.

By having something else to think about and apply their mind to, this can help them to readjust and fall back into a normal routine. Not to mention that the best way to relieve stress is through laughter. Being surrounded by friends and family, those that truly love and care about you is often all that anyone needs in their life.

If you find that a loved one is going through a difficult time, there is no need to feel helpless. Let them know that you are there and take the time to listen to them, and be ready to laugh and cry with them when the occasion calls for it.