Home Improvement Checklist: Get Ready For A New Baby

Expecting your first baby is an exciting moment for you, and it’s not surprising that you spend your time planning for the future. Both you and your partner cannot wait to meet your new addition to your family, and you want to make sure that everything’s ready for when he or she will arrive. But welcoming a new baby means that your house has to change, to fit the needs of the little one. Because it’s your first child the very long checklist you’ll have to complete before the baby is born will probably overwhelm you. We recommend you to focus on the most important ones because the other ones can be done after giving birth.

Here are all the improvements you have to complete before welcoming the baby.

Prepare the nursery

Home Improvement Checklist: Get Ready For A New Baby

The most exciting home improvement project you’ll handle while being pregnant is the nursery. You’ll have to decide what room you’ll convert, and to redesign it to fit the purpose. You probably already have a theme in mind but you have to check if it’s also safe because cluttered items can prove dangerous for a baby. Don’t install furniture items you’ll not use, even if you think the little one may need them later, you should just wait. Buy only the essentials, a dresser, a rocking chair, a changing table, and a crib. When the baby will grow, you’ll have plenty of time to buy other things.

Revisit the paint job

If you’re staying in an old house it’s advisable to check the quality of the paint job and restore it if necessary. You may want to use your creativity and add an artistic feature to the walls, the friendlier the design of the house, the happier the little one will feel.

You can transform one of the walls in a chalkboard or white board; they will definitely want to paint the walls so you have to be prepared for this. If you prefer white walls then you should use washable paint so you can easily remove the drawings. Choose an anti-fungal paint to protect your baby from mold related health conditions.

Check the alert systems

If you have already installed motion, gas, smoke or any other detector you should check them to see if they’re properly functioning. The house security system has the role to keep intruders outside, but the alert ones will keep the baby inside. Children have the habit to experiment with windows and doors, and you should take all the cautions to prevent an accident.

In addition, you should consider replacing the nursery door with a wooden screen one. You can close it without losing the little one from sight.

Reconsider the flooring options

If you have installed carpets on your floors then it’s a good idea to have them steam cleaned before giving birth because they tend to accumulate allergens even if you regularly vacuum them. In case you don’t have carpets installed and you plan to do it, you should check the options available on the market and choose one allergens-free. Install it a month before the baby’s arrival because it has to be aired out to eliminate the possible odors it trapped during the manufacturing process.

Baby proof the house

Your baby will sit in the crib only for a few months, then they will start crawling around and you have to make sure that they will not get hurt. Baby proofing is one of the home improvements you have to perform before the baby comes. You will be too overwhelmed when you will come back from the hospital to do it, so proof it before the little one arrives. What it may look like a safe environment for you is not safe for a baby, and you’ll have to re-evaluate some aspects for the walking and crawling stages.

Install a new boiler

That’s not a better moment to change the boiler than when planning for the baby’s arrival. Most people give little thought to the boiler as long as it works, but it’s one of the aspects you have to check because the house has to be a welcoming and comfortable environment for the little one. The last thing you want is the boiler to break in the middle of the winter and having a baby.

In addition, installing a new boiler comes with multiple benefits. According to the website, the latest generation of boilers is more efficient and it helps you lower the fuel bills. Saving money will be one of your priorities as a new parent.

A new boiler requires little maintenance and considering that the baby will keep you busy, it’s an advantage you cannot ignore. It will also bring you peace of mind because you don’t need an extra reason to worry. Set the boiler to 120 degrees for hot water and check it from time to time, not to reset itself. It’s a protective measure that will keep your baby safe.

Home Improvement Checklist: Get Ready For A New Baby

Secure the furniture

Very soon, the little one will start pulling themselves up using all the items they can reach. It’s crucial to secure the furniture items if you don’t do it before giving birth you must do it after. You should secure the TV, bookshelves, dressers and all the other items that move easily. If you have lighting solutions with electrical cords this is the right time to call an expert to modify them.

You should also secure the bedroom because even if you have a nursery you’ll have a little visitor from time to time. You don’t have to convert your bedroom into a baby land but it should be friendly enough the little one to feel comfortable. Do not clutter your room with all their stuff, you still need it to be private for the time you spend with your partner. This period is one of the most exciting ones in your life and you should make sure that everything’s ready for welcoming the baby. If you do it before, you’ll have more time to spend with them because you don’t want to lose any moment.

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  1. The toilet is another attraction pole for children, but it can also be a focus of infections. To prevent them from opening it, a simple security lock can be installed for sale in specialized stores.

  2. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to have a room remodeled into a safer nursery room with a design that will enhance the sensory development of your baby at the same time.

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    if you design home for baby you carefully design home plan .
    use floor sheets in whole home design the special furniture the baby soft and little pillows are used you will enhance the home crockery you will design each thing new for baby

  6. Mid-tones are the best color choice for traditional decor. Choosing mid tones will mean avoiding the bright and dark colors, both for floor coverings and walls. Lighter colors such as pale blue and crème will look the nicest on your walls and slightly darker colors will be better suited for the floors, this will create a nice balance.

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