Home Changes When Moving To A Warmer State

The U.S. is full of states that vary in climate. Acclimatizing to any of them after a move can be a sobering ordeal.  

According to NBC News, the U.S. is fast becoming one of the hottest places on Earth. While many people associate the sunshine with lives of freedom and luxury, certain safeguards must be put in place too.

Still, it is not all doom and gloom either. It is perfectly possible to enjoy yourself in the heat. You need only set reasonable expectations and take a few practical measures first. Here are some changes to your home you could make after moving to a warmer state.

Air Conditioning Upgrades

Most people assume that they need any conditioner to remain cool indoors. However, like most products, new and improved iterations are regularly released.

It is worth doing further research to see which air conditioning units work best for you. For example, Ductless mini-split units are designed to maximize energy efficiency, while the smart air conditioner can be controlled remotely with a wi-fi connection. There are numerous options to go down here.

Air conditioning units need to be diligently looked after too. Air filters must be changed quickly; otherwise, they will risk accumulating dust in their vents. Not only this, but if the problem is left to persist, they can soon blow this dust all over your home instead of cool air. Keep any coils, drains, and fins clean too.

Awning Shelters

Many people looking to live in a warmer state want to make good use of their yards. Awnings can be useful for those who want to enjoy the good weather without risk.

Specialist businesses can provide a better sense of what’s on offer here. For example, you can find a St. Petersburg, Florida awning with the Sun Protection of Florida. These motorized innovations are easy to use and efficiently block out both sun and rain when required. If your porch areas need extra lighting, you can simply open them up at will. Awnings come in different shapes and styles too.

Awnings do not just block out the heat from sun rays, but also the UV radiation. Obviously, an excess of this radiation can cause a host of serious health conditions, such as cancers, so having a way to block it out while still enjoying the fresh air is highly advisable.

Decorative Changes

The aesthetics of your home can greatly influence how competent it is in combatting the heat. You can make numerous changes here to help you cool off indoors.

Using light curtains or blinds instead of heavy drapes will improve air circulation. You can also use this as an opportunity to let as much natural light in as possible too, drastically reducing the costs around your electricity bills.

Dotting house plants around the space may also help oxygenate your rooms and keep the air clean and clear instead of hot and humid. Scents may also imbue your home with the mood of summer permanently and help you embrace this rather than feel trapped in humidity.

Summer color schemes can work wonders, too, in creating an atmosphere. Marigold, sage green, coral, and peach are some hues that add characterful nuances and compliment the warmer climate. 

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