Highest Slot Wins 2020

The year of 2020 is nearly over. To put it lightly, it has been a bit of a trying year for almost everyone. However, slot games have still been played and there are still many things to discuss now that the year is finally approaching the rear view mirror.

One of those things just so happens to be the highest slot wins of the year. Read some from the Rembrandt Casino Review.

Mega Fortune win

Mega Fortune is an online slot game brought to us by NetEnt. This is a progressive jackpot slot with its theme centred on luxury and riches.

That is quite apt seeing as a player in November raked in an impressive €2.6million on the slot game.

It is no surprise that a player managed this feat as Mega Fortune held the previous record of highest jackpot win ever on an online slot of €17.8million back in 2013.

That record has been broken several times since then and this highest win of 2020 is just one example.

Money Train 2

If the millions of Euros won in Mega Fortune did not impress you, maybe a staggering multiplier win will. Again we are back in November 2020 where a player won a 50,000x multiplier on Money Train 2.

The exact monetary amount of the win has not been disclosed but this western themed slot game allows players to bet between 0.01 and 100. The sheer joy of the win must mean that the player bet somewhere on the high end.

That was one big multiplier.

Mega Moolah

Ok. So $2.6million is nothing to sniff at, neither is a 50,000x multiplier. However, back in June 2020 a player found themselves winning a high sum of $9.8million on MicroGamings Mega Moolah.

This win came as no surprise considering this is a slot game with a way for players to bet on so many pay lines and symbols. There is even a table available online for players to make sense of the Mega Moolah betting system. You can adjust the number pay lines you wish to wager on and there is an auto spin feature for those that want to have their wins in one big go.

With 25 pay lines to bet on the minimum bet for players that wish to bet on all is 0.25 and the max is 6.25.

Mega Moolah again

Just when you thought the wins on Mega Moolah couldn’t get any better, another player comes along a smashes this jackpot amount. A few months after the first win, a player managed to win up to €14.2million in August 2020.

This progressive slot game just does not seem to want to stop and it makes you wonder, how much will it pay out in 2021?


These are some of the highest slot wins of 2020 and the year is only just coming to a close. There is still time to beat these records although, please remember, these wins do not happen every day. There’s a reason these types of sot wins make the news.

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