Here’s why Every Successful Company Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

We spend most of our week at work, so it’s needless to say that our work environment needs to stay clean for us to fully enjoy every day spent there. Most companies hire janitorial services or hire in-house maids to take care of the office, but in most cases, this simply isn’t enough. Whether it’s because they are understaffed or lack professional equipment, most of them cannot match the thoroughness and expertise of a professional company cleaning service.

Thorough cleaning involves getting dirt from deep inside the carpets, blinds, and upholstery. A clean office means fewer allergens and pathogens, meaning a healthier work environment.

In this article, we are going to go through some of the most important benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service and why every successful entrepreneur should consider this investment.

A Clean Office Boosts Productivity

All your employees will feel happier and more productive in a clean, fresh office free from dust and dirt. The air will smell better and feel healthier to breathe. Most businesses spend a lot of time on employee training and creating a healthy atmosphere, but not many think about the actual atmosphere and the air workers breathe.

The air inside the office needs to be fresh if you care about the health of your employees. If the air is contaminated with allergens, dust, and other microbes, your workers will lose focus as dirty indoor air affects our cognitive functions.

According to some reports by EPA, poor indoor air is one of the main risks to human health in the US. In some cases, indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside, for example, if the company is running HVACs with dirty air filters.

Less Sick Days

An epidemic in the office often spells a business disaster. With most of your workers out of the office on sick leave it will be more difficult to follow deadlines, keep track of who’s doing what and soon, your company will descend into chaos. 

Doing everything you can to prevent diseases from spreading, especially if you work in a hospital, is therefore important both for your workers and your business. One sick worker is enough to spread a disease to everyone in the office. For some reason business owners do not immediately think of cleaning when trying to reduce office absences and sickness. There are exceptions, for example – hospital cleaning in Delaware  (or elsewhere more relevant) is of the utmost important to healthcare bosses in order to ensure that their staff remain healthy so they can provide the best care possible to patients. The same expectation is not held in other industries however, which is where many are missing the point.

In either case, a thorough professional cleaning can help get rid of the germs and viruses lurking in your office every time a sick employee touches something. Professional cleaning is key to preventing the spread of various diseases.

That is why professional cleaning companies disinfect every shared area such as the kitchen, bathroom, training rooms and lounges. They also pay special attention to workspaces, doorknobs, and phones. Cleaning companies utilize the most comprehensive cleaning protocols to halt the spread of diseases.

A Good Image

Picture yourself going to a meeting to negotiate a new deal and walking into an office with stained carpets, dusty desks and takeout meal packaging and another sort of trash throughout the office. Would you still go through with the deal?

The image you project onto your clients and business partners tells a lot about how you treat your company and can make or break a deal. A messy office projects an appearance of a company that does a messy job. A clean, fresh office gives off confidence and makes you appear professional in the eyes of your associates.

A professional cleaning company knows there are several steps to keeping the business meticulous. The first is taking care of the areas your clients will spend the most time in. They will make sure to frequently replace trash bags, declutter the office, dust every inch and remove dirt on a frequent basis. The second is taking cleaning to a microbial level and using HEPA vacuums to remove allergens, dust, and dirt from the tiniest of places.

It Saves a Lot of Money

A lot of unreliable cleaning companies and janitorial services charge a lot for a superficial work and basic cleaning services. Some dusting here and there and taking out the trash is hardly the full scope of a cleaning company’s process. Keeping your office clean should include maintaining desks, floors, tiles, furniture, and shelves in tip-top shape.

Higher Cleaning Quality Standards

When hiring a professional cleaning service, make sure to ask what services their price entails. Not all cleaning companies offer the same level of service. Other companies charge extra for some services that their peers include in their price.

Some services don’t have the resources to perform some tasks such as deep rug cleaning, window washing, deep stain removal, etc.

Finally, a professional cleaning company will always deliver a consistent result, whether it’s the frequency or the quality of the job done. A professional service never overlooks any details, no matter how tiny they might be. You will know a good cleaning service by its recommendations and years of service.

14 thoughts on “Here’s why Every Successful Company Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

  1. I really like how you pointed out that cleaners can help you get rid of germs every time someone that is sick comes to work. My office just had an outbreak of the fever and there was almost no one working. My boss will really be able to use this to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

  2. Your point about how employees will feel better and more productive in a clean and fresh office was excellent. I would imagine that business owners or managers would want to keep their employees motivated and productive. Having an outside cleaning professional that can take care of the cleaning would also allow other employees to focus on their job.

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  4. Motivation is the huge psychological forces that compel you to take some action,so i really inspire from your web site how you motivate your employees.
    And your services are excellent.

  5. It’s really alarming to know that poor indoor air can serve as a risk to human health, especially in the US. This can probably be found in offices and other closed spaces that only rely on the building’s ventilation system. In my opinion, these companies mentioned should hire cleaning and disinfecting services on a daily basis to avoid diseases from spreading among their employees.

  6. I work as a domestic cleaner in Australia. I think the way we run things is great we use all the clients products so no risk of cross containtination with anything from someone elses house. All my clients love the work i do. I always make sure try to personalise each clean or doing something a little extra just cuz i love it extremely satisfing work

  7. I noticed that due to my office’s messiness, my employees’ productivity is starting to decrease. Therefore, I have decided to start looking for a professional cleaning service that will be able to resolve this matter. I agree with you that a professional cleaning company will be able to protect my employees against allergies and any diseases that could be gained by dirt.

  8. I love how you emphasized how a company can’t operate without its employees. This is why a successful company should focus on providing a clean and safe environment for their workers. Maybe they should try professional cleaning services so they can also disinfect common areas in their offices.

  9. A clean surroundings is always good for health & mind. They well explained it. Very helpful article indeed. I’ve got many tips from this article. To stay healthy & fresh we should maintain the hygiene from Professional Cleaning Service.

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