Helpful Hacks to Organize Your Makeup Table

Having a big makeup collection is every makeup lover’s dream but keeping all the items organized can be very overwhelming. Getting help from a professional organizer is by far the easiest way to get all your cosmetics organized but this is way out of question for anyone who is on a tight budget. You can save yourself the trouble of spending a lot of money on the organization by following these simple yet surprisingly helpful hacks to organize your makeup table. 

Glass Jar Brush Holder

You can make a pretty makeup brush holder using a clear glass jar. Simply fill 2/3rd part of the jar with marbles or tiny pebbles and put all of your makeup brushes in. The marbles or pebbles will keep the brushes separated. Basically, you just have to fill the jar with anything that can keep the brushes standing and in one place. If you don’t have any pebbles or marbles at home; there is a very cost-effective solution for you. Just open your kitchen cabinet and take out some rice to fill your DIY makeup brush holder. It is just that simple!

You can up your makeup brush organization by making two such holders and keeping the brushes used for eye makeup in one holder and all the other brushes in the other. It is a good idea to put cute labels on the holders or use some glass paint to write ‘Face’ or ‘Eyes’ depending upon the type of brushes contained in each holder. 

Wall Mounted See-Through Organizer

The space on the makeup table is limited and for some people, it is impossible to fit all the makeup they need on the tabletop. You can make a very useful wall mounted makeup organizer using clear glass jars. Find a way to fix a couple of glass jars on a wall near your makeup table and put all your favorites on display. This organizer can easily hold stuff like eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, makeup brushes, and even small eye shadow palettes.

Do you know what’s better than a see-through makeup organizer? A decorated one of course! You can make your organizer more appealing by painting flowers or patterns of your choice on each of the jars using glass paints of different colors. 

Makeup Holder Pyramid

If you are someone who wears a lot of makeup every day; this makeup holder pyramid is especially for you. You can make this makeup organizer using empty candle jars. You will need 6 candle jars for this pyramid-shaped organizer. Start by removing all the wax from the jars. You have to make sure that there is no oil left on the surface of the glass containers. After taking the wax out from the jars, wash them thoroughly with dish soap and warm water. Finally, use some rubbing alcohol or acetone to completely remove the oil residues.

Now arrange the jars to form a pyramid by placing 3 jars in the first row, two in the second row and 1 in the last one. Now using a hot glue gun make a line of glue on each jar where it touches the other jars when placed in the pyramid formation. Quickly glue them together and your organizer is ready. Place this organizer on your makeup table and put all your everyday cosmetics in it. It is very efficient and useful because you won’t have to go through the drawers in order to find makeup whenever you have to get ready in a hurry. 

Handy Nail Polish Remover Jar

The goal of an organization is to make it easy to find whatever you want to use. This DIY nail polish remover jar will add beauty to your makeup table while saving you the trouble of searching for nail polish remover with wet nail paint on your hands. For this DIY you will need a beautiful glass jar with a screw-on lid. You can take help from custom glass jar manufacturers to get an adorable jar made for you that you absolutely love! Once you receive your glass jar, make preparations for creating your convenient nail paint remover jar.

Cut a regular sponge lengthwise to get two equal parts. Now wrap these pieces of sponge around each other to form a tight swirl. Put this in your jar and pour nail polish remover on it such that the sponge becomes completely wet. Put the lid on and you are done.

In order to remove nail polish from your nails, insert your finger between the sponges and move it around a bit till all nail polish is gone. This is a very quick and convenient way of removing nail polish.


Using household items for organizing makeup and other stuff is a very economic way of giving everything a good home. Alternatively, you can invest in commercial organizers specifically designed for makeup items. If you are not someone who can or would like to make that investment, be sure to give these brilliant hacks a try.

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