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Help Your Child Conquer Nightmares With P’Jamerz

A special thanks to P’Jamerz for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

P'Help Your Child Conquer Nightmares With P'Jamerz

 About P’Jamerz

“Creator of P’Jamerz, Shauntay wanted to create a product that not only allowed children to have fun but could also benefit them as well. P’Jamerz was created to help children conquer their own fears and anxiety of sleeping. The best way to send a message to a child is to incorporate it into something thats fun and imaginative. Shauntay has sought to kept P’Jamerz full of excitement and wonderment that will spark any child’s imagination.”

Help Your Child Conquer Nightmares With P'Jamerz

Those nights when your child comes rushing into your room full of tears because a nightmare woke them from their peaceful night sleep…. oh those are the worst! There is nothing more saddening to me then when my child is too frightened or upset to sleep and it takes many hugs, snuggles and kisses to reassure them that it was all just pretend. Sometime that is all that is needed to cure those awful nightmares, but that isn’t always the case. It can take a little bit more time and creativity to help your child make it through the night knowing that their nightmares are only their imagination. That is where the wonderful P’Jamerz come to the rescue, helping my child to conquer their nightmares.

Help Your Child Conquer Nightmares With P'Jamerz

 The children and I had the pleasure of reviewing the two character dolls “Knightmare ” and “Archie” as well as chapter one of the story. The book starts off with a young boy who slips of to dreamland, only to have his dreams taken over and disrupted by the scary Knightmare. He is then greeted by a fairy whom shows him that he must become a hero and help to take back dreamland… at which time Lambie is introduced to the story! I find this to be such a a great story and concept, to show children that they are in control of their dreams and can turn those nightmares into something good. Having a visual for the children was really great, especially the dolls. I was so pleased with the whole presentation of these products, which came in a blue box filled with clouds and stars inside of it. This allows your child to engage in the excitement and fun of this story from the instant they open the box. The quality of the dolls is superb, the story and illustrations are beautifully done and the children are just thrilled with the P’Jamerz! If you or someone you know has a child that is waking up many night as a result of nightmares, I highly recommend you check out the P’Jamerz today!

Help Your Child Conquer Nightmares With P'Jamerz


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9 thoughts on “Help Your Child Conquer Nightmares With P’Jamerz

  1. Karis the Strong has the biggest heart and is willing to help others in need especially those who do not have the strength to help themselves. A great gift for my grandchild!

  2. Archie is my daughters favorite. She loves lions because they are strong and brave like her. Jia just looks so sweet.

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