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Help Build Your Child’s Confidence With GoodNites* TRU-FIT*

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There is no denying the fact that major changes can effect children in a multitude of ways. Each child is different and as a result, they are all going to face challenges and new situations differently. Take moving across the country to a new home, new state, and away from your entire family and friends. The routine has abruptly changed and your child is now adjusting to their new life. When we were in this situation just over a year ago, my daughter (whom was seven at the time) adjusted almost instantly and found excitement in starting at a new school and making new friends. My son on the other hand (whom was three at the time) had a much harder time adjusting… it was so much more difficult for him to get use to the changes, which resulted in regression at bedtime. He was no longer even considering sleeping in his own room, being with me at nighttime was a must. We embraced that situation and allowed him to set up a sleeping area in our bedroom. As a mother I just wanted him to feel safe and secure and if that meant allowing him to sleep in my room until he was ready to sleep in his own, I was OK with that! This seemed to be working out well until I was woken up in the middle of the night to him crying because he had wet himself. What? I was so confused because this was never something I had ever dealt with and my son had been so easy to potty training! My first reaction was maybe it was just a one time thing? Well… I was wrong on that part and my son began wetting the bed throughout the the rest of the week and my confusion soon turned to frustration. Thankfully I was able to help build my child’s confidence with GoodNites* TRU-FIT* and I am happy to share a few tips with you!


The first most vital tip I want to give you is please do not get upset or angry with your child! I am openly admitting that I felt much frustration with my son’s bed wetting, but I never expressed that to him. I knew that it wasn’t something he was intentionally doing and making him feel worse about it was not going to help, there was clearly an underlying issue causing him to wet the bed (completely out of his control.) Making a big issue about it while cleaning it is also not recommended, shaming your child is never the answer.

The next step is to limit liquids before bed time, you are only setting a bed wetter up to fail if you give them a glass of water twenty minutes before bed. Also make sure to encourage them to try and use the bathroom before going to bed. Make sure to let them know that if they feel the urge at all during the night to use the bathroom, do not hesitate to wake you up. We placed a nightlight in both the bedroom and bathroom, that way my son could make a quick dash to the bathroom at night, if needed.

Step number three is to set up some sort of rewards system. I know many parents feel like they need to go all out for this one, but it’s really not necessary! If my son made it through a week of no bed wetting, I would reward him by bringing him to the Dollar Tree and letting him pick out five items. This is such a huge deal for a little one, my son absolutely loves being rewarded this way and it only cost $5!

The final step is to use something for the actual bedwetting so you are not having to clean up huge messes, I highly suggest the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* because they are very similar to underwear. The last thing your potty trained child wants is to feel like they are back in diapers, not good for their confidence at all! Building their confidence is the most crucial piece to resolving bed wetting issues and with that, your child will be back to themselves in no time!


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