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HelloFresh Subscription Box Review

A special thanks to HelloFresh for providing me with their subscription box service for free to review on my blog!

What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a subscription box service that delivers fresh food and ingredients right to your front door! Customers have their choice of a classic or veggie box and can choose the subscription that fits the size of their family. Everything in your box (including the ingredients) comes already measured, resulting in minimal preparation time. The informative recipe cards make preparing and cooking your meal a breeze and will guide you through each step.

My Review

I was just ecstatic when I was asked to review the HelloFresh subscription box and could not wait for my meals to come in the mail. Yes, you read that right, my box of fresh food came in the mail! I was thinking the same thing you are right now (how in the world do they send fresh food in the mail without it going bad?) Well let me tell you, HelloFresh did an excellent job in packaging the food! The box is generously insulated on the inside and comes with three (very large) ice packs to keep the food chilled until it reaches your kitchen. Upon opening my box, I discovered that everything was stored in their own packages, labeled and measured out accordingly. This is by far the most exciting subscription box I have ever received and I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning!

I must say that I was quite shocked to find such fresh ingredients in my HelloFresh box! Everything I needed for the meals came in individual bags and were already measured out for me. Preparation is certainly the most time consuming part of cooking dinner! I was very glad to have had all the hard work done for me so I could skip to the fun part, cooking!

Here is the chicken with mushrooms meal, I believe the pictures speak for themselves. YUM!

The steak, cooked in balsamic vinegar and served with garlic zucchini was mouth watering good!

Below is the pasta with snap peas which was absolutely delicious!

I was  completely amazed by the amount of food that came from these three recipes! We were able to split everything with our family (four ways) and still had left overs! The picture below is one plate of food with the chicken breast halved, a serving of steak, some zucchini and a scoop of delicious pasta! My overall experience with HelloFresh is very positive, I couldn’t think of a single complaint even if I tried!

Here are some interesting and important FAQ’s regarding HelloFresh’s ingredients:


Where Our Ingredients Come From
We want our customers to be able to make restaurant-quality food in their own home. One of the key ways we make sure this is possible it by providing varied, high-quality ingredients that are packed with flavor. We use reliable, quality-controlled suppliers that regularly provide ingredients to the finest restaurants and whose products are not widely available in supermarkets.
We work with trusted, local suppliers, and we try to use as few imported, non-local ingredients as possible. We believe that knowing who and where we get our meat, fish and produce from is the only way to guarantee quality.
We design our recipes to incorporate seasonal products whenever possible. This has environmental benefits, but most importantly means your meals are that much more delicious.
What Is In Our Ingredients
Low Calories
Our recipes are designed to give you all the energy and nutrients you need, without excessive or unnecessary calories. A typical HelloFresh meal contains about 500-800 functional, delicious calories.
High Protein
Protein is an essential dietary component, and is crucial in keeping strong muscles and a healthy lifestyle. Our boxes always include a good protein source, coming from meat, fish, dairy, legumes, and nuts to keep you lean and mean.
Fruit and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables provide us with essential vitamins and other valuable nutrients, and getting these benefits from unprocessed ingredients is ideal. More importantly, they are delicious!
Carbohydrates, dietary fiber and whole grains
For pasta, rice, and other carbohydrate-rich ingredients, we always make sure that there is a high proportion of whole grain, fiber, and nutrients to keep you fueled and energized.
We design our recipes to contain a low saturated fat content. Some of our ingredients include unsaturated fats (for example avocados, nuts, cold water fish, oil), which are key to ensuring a strong immune system and can lower cholesterol, minimizing the risk of heart disease.

Visit the HelloFresh website today and begin your subscription box service!

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

16 thoughts on “HelloFresh Subscription Box Review

  1. Hi there all!

    I just signed up for Hello Fresh and I LOVE it! I’m finally cooking at home most nights instead of paying to go out for unhealthy prepared meals! I recommend it for sure. Use code UDFFBH to get $40 off your first box (code never expires!) ^_^

    Happy cooking!

  2. I subbed to Hello Fresh in Oct. 2014 and really like it. I have not had any problems. I enjoy knowing that I have everything I need and as a single gal I have great leftovers for the next day’s lunch or dinner. Use the code EY6D28, and receive $40 off your first box. You can cancel anytime, the cancel option is on your account so you don’t have to call customer service. You can skip as many weeks as you want; I usually get just one box per month.

  3. I got my first box last week, I loved it! I contacted customer service when I ordered because I used the wrong credit card and they were great to work with. My opinion is this-use a coupon and get your first delivery of six meals for $29 or $19 (vegetarian) and then cancel your subscription if you’re not impressed.

    You can use this coupon code to get $40 off your first box and free shipping -> 3M3LHS

  4. They have the WORST customer service though! I decided to give them a try and the boxes/recipes were good, but I decided to cancel my subscription because most of the meals I could make at home for half the price. I know I was paying for the convenience of not having to shop but it just wasn’t worth the extra cost for us at the time. No hard feelings, just not for us…until I tried to cancel my subscription.

    I have tried to cancel my subscription via the website multiple times but I keep getting charged. I’ve sent them over four emails emails saying that I DON’T want to continue my subscription and all they do is refer me back to the website. Meanwhile, I keep getting charged and sent boxes when I have clearly communicated that I do not want them. I finally threatened to to go to BBB and they offered to give a partial refund.

    Unless you know you won’t ever want to cancel your subscription, I do NOT recommend Hello Fresh. This “convenience” has turned into a huge hassle and frustration.

    1. That is awful Jessica and I am so sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience! I have had something similar happen to me with a subscription and once I explained, they fully refunded me! 🙁

  5. Hi there all!

    I just signed up for Hello Fresh and I LOVE it! I’m finally cooking at home most nights instead of paying to go out for unhealthy prepared meals! I recommend it for sure. Use code 86F7PB to get $40 off your first box (code never expires!) ^_^

    Happy cooking!

  6. We tried Hello Fresh. I could not yelp this or I would. The site is very mis-leading.

    What you actually get are items you could easily pick up at the store in the organic section.

    The one item that is mis-leading, they DO NOT provide the main meat item. They provide the items to cook with. Basically the accessories for the recipe.

    The instructions are easy to follow. However, the bang for buck is not worth it. You are paying for ‘supposed’ fresh vegetable and condiments along with the recipe and nothing more.

    One other bad item is that there is excessive plastic bag packaging for everything. If you are using a site like this, you are probably aware of the environment and this packaging IS NOT environmentally friendly.

    Lastly, they make it extremely tricky to cancel your subscription. You have to watch a video to see how you can de-activate your account.

    You would be better off going to your local market, go to the organic section and buy in bulk. Better bang for buck and less waste, especially on plastic that does not get recycled,

    1. Hi Larry! So sorry you were disappointed with HelloFresh. This is Jordan, the head of our community team. To clarify, we ALWAYS send the meat and animal protein. It is included at the bottom of the box under the chipboard that says “Meat and Fish.”
      We are actually making a huge effort to reduce our carbon footprint! We make it easy to recycle everything, and we even have a program where you can return your packaging for HelloFresh credit! We just recently released our new eco-friendly packaging which eliminates Styrofoam, and cuts down total packaging waste by up to 50% More info at:

  7. Thanks Heather for the amazing review!

    I really needed to find a more convenient way to get back to loving to cook in my kitchen…

    I ended up finding another service, HomeChef, which originally started over in Belgium but is now available across the United States, Australia, and other countries. I have tried a number of different “dinner subscription boxes” and this one TOPPED MY LIST!

    I started looking for a way to try this service pretty cheap, because I already pay too much for groceries, and I found a great deal for HomeChef!

    I got $30 Off and Free Shipping on my First Order by using this offer link:

    That made my first order only $29, perfect to give it a try! In my first order I got the Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Chicken and it was SO good! The other meals included a Mushroom and Swiss Beef Burger and Sous-Vide Baby Back Ribs. They were all very easy to make in MY OWN kitchen and my whole family loved how they tasted! I now get it every week because it is SO convenient, tastes AMAZING, and I get to try cooking new things that I would have never made before…

    I just thought I’d post it if anyone else is looking for a deal to give it a try.

  8. Be had the service for three weeks. Last week we were missing one of the ingredients and the tomato had black spots. This week the green beans were rotten. Their customer service has been a joke. They don’t respond or their response is offensive. We will not be using them in the future.

  9. I was very unhappy with my Hello Fresh experience. The first box that I received had missing ingredients, though I was still able to make the meal because they were non-essential ingredients like basil and garlic. Secondly, I ordered two meals, and I cannot believe how much waste came from those two meals. The packaging, insulation, etc. I recycled what I could, but still felt bad about all the garbage generated from these two meals. In regards to the meals, they were rather bland and were not worth the $80 value. Finally, I cancelled my subscription the Monday after receiving my first box on the Thursday evening before. I had already been charged for the next delivery which I did not want. Even though I’d already cancelled my subscription in a timely manner, I was told that I could not be refunded the $80 for the next box. There was no way the box could be sent to another customer or re-distributed. This was a very disappointing experience.

  10. I have had nothing but the worst experiences with this company and their customer services. I have never come across a business as unethical as them. I tried cancelling multiple times, they told me the cancellation went through, then they continued to charge me. Even worse, they refused to refund me for boxes that I did not want. HelloFresh should be called HelloScam or HelloGarbage… The food is mediocre at best; I could have looked past that but not after the way they treat their customers! BEWARE

  11. Well, I was just about to sign up using an AARP discount, but after reading so many unpleasant experiences, I don’t think I’m going to do it. Sorry, HelloFresh, but it sounds like you have some quality issues and some big customer service issues. At my age, I don’t need those hassles.

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