Having Fun and Staying Safe: 3 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Trampoline

Getting a trampoline is fun for the entire family. But all of a sudden, you’ve found yourself in front of a dilemma: with so many different trampolines to choose from, which one is the most likely to meet your expectations and keep the kids happy for as long as possible? No matter what your thought process may be, you should never ignore the following factors when shopping for the best trampoline:

  1. Shape

Did you know that different shapes of trampolines have different traits associated with them? Therefore, picking a particular shape like square has a direct effect on how the trampoline is going to perform (in this case, the jumpers will be bounced with a much greater force compared to the one most regular round ones tend to produce).

Due to this, athletes and those who are serious about their sport, mostly gravitate towards the square and rectangle shapes. Apart from the superior bounce, these are a way better option when having a limited amount of space at your disposal, since they use it up much more economically. However, small kids would probably find the circular ones much more enjoyable. If you are looking for professional advice because you’re unsure which ones to pick, you can visit Trampoline Flight‘s website and consult with their team.

  1. Size

Depending on the size of your family (and the extent of the space you have available), you can pick a size that’s the most suitably adjusted to these parameters. Typically, you are looking at models ranging anywhere from 7 feet to 17 feet in size. Once again, if yard space is an obstacle, you are strongly encouraged to consider picking a square or a rectangular shape.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the measurements you see displayed in the stores do not equal the exact jumping space you’re going to get out of them (they’re measured frame to frame). In other words, you’re going to get a bit less jumping space than what the measurements say, so whenever in doubt, it’s better to go for a larger size.

  1. Safety

If you have small kids, it’s of paramount importance that you look after their safety by getting a trampoline with an enclosure net. This will likely prevent the vast majority of injuries from happening in the first place. These can be attached by using different mechanisms such as button-hole systems or threaded ropes, so if you feel like you need some additional help picking the right one, check out this Trampoline Review Guide for more helpful tips.

The final pointer we’re going to give you today is this – try to limit your selection to the trampolines approved by ASTM. The reason being is that ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a governing body that sets the optimal trampoline safety standards for manufacturers to follow. Even though they are by no means obliged to do so, being able to display this type of certification speaks volumes about the quality of their products.


Hopefully, these tips will prove to be of much use to you when deciding which trampoline to buy. While there are others factors that should go into your consideration, these are a great starting point and one of the most important ones to consider. If you are seeking a more in depth look into  this topic, make sure to check out this trampoline review guide!

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