Harnessing Solar Energy With Innovative Solar Panels

Solar energy is the result of direct heat and light from the sun’s rays. This energy has the capacity to be converted into electricity or can be used to heat substances and air, referred to as solar power. Solar fuels can also be generated from solar energy such as hydrogen. The two primary forms of solar power “technology”, photovoltaic and thermal.

  1. Photovoltaic: With this technology, a PV or semiconductor cell is used to convert the sun’s rays into electricity directly. A typical PV cell will come in the form of a glass encased in an aluminum frame known as a “solar panel.” Depending on what you’re powering will determine the number of panels required. The roof of a house can be covered for residential sufficiency.

Panels are the most widely recognized of the PV cell, but there are other forms for this technology in development, including a flexible option, and even a paint.

  1. Thermal Energy: In this technology, there is a conversion of the rays into heat which has multiple purposes like generating steam for driving a generator for electricity or for a refrigerator cycle in creating cooling that is solar-based. 

There are two subcategories in the thermal technology:

  1. Small-scale : Can heat water i.e. solar hot water unit, or for space heating
  2. Concentrated : harnesses heat in an effort to generate power of a larger scale. The sun is reflected off of mirrors onto a receiver from where it is then transferred to a storage system. It can be released as needed throughout the daytime or at night.

Why Consider Solar Power For Your Energy Resource

Making the decision whether to have solar panels installed for your residence is a considerable decision requiring careful consideration and research. Reputable experts online from sites like are ideal resources to inquire for guidance in an effort to make a more informed decision. It’s important to note the advantages and disadvantages from a homeowner’s point of view as a preliminary step. 

In the current market, solar power have decreased significantly, and continue to decrease, in cost, making setup much more affordable for the average homeowner. The power has noted to change Australian residents’ lives throughout the country by saving money, increasing home values, and reducing levels of pollution. It seems the benefits far outweigh the downsides. 

  • Energy Bill Decreases : Implementing a solar energy system eases the fear of the power bill with significant savings. The idea is to work with the professionals to incorporate a system worthy of your budget and the needs of your specific home.


  • Create Your Electricity : The sun’s rays are shining down even when the day is dreary, meaning the panels sitting on the rooftop are harnessing this power and generating electricity at all times. 

Surplus power generates back to the grid, and based on your load, there is the potential for credits for the energy you return. If you don’t have a way to harness the power, the sun’s rays are wasted on your household. Find out what uses the most energy in your home with this link.

  • Environmentally Friendly : Placing panels is the simplest way for you to make a contribution to the environment since most of us are not able to make the type of meaningful world-wide gestures that we would like to. 

The best place to start decreasing your carbon footprint is with your home, and in doing so, you’ll be an example to those around you who may follow your lead.

  • Lower Costs : The prices for the systems have dramatically decreased as compared to those even just a decade ago. With tremendous demand worldwide and a market that is exceptionally competitive, prices continue to drop, not to mention, the addition of government incentives, including “Feed-In Tariffs” and “STCs” totaling potential lifetime savings in the thousands.


  • Home Value : More residents in Australia are seeing the benefits of adding solar panels to their home. When investing in a quality system, you not only save money on energy costs, but the resale value of the home increases as does interest from homebuyers. There’s no fear of not receiving an adequate return on the investment, because the system will quite easily pay for itself.


  • Sunlight Not Heat : There is a common misconception that the panels are powered by the sun’s heat as opposed to the sun’s light. Intense heat can actually cause a bit of hindrance for the performance rather than improve the power. The panels convert the sunlight on any given day into electricity whether it’s cloudy or bright without the need for heat.

Employing solar energy no longer deems a novel approach to powering a home. It’s becoming quite common, particularly in the Australian country where more residents are taking advantage of the efficient system. 

People are starting to recognize the positive effects of this power, not only for their own personal savings and private family needs, but as far as their contribution to the betterment of the planet. 

The more each person participates in reducing their carbon footprint the better for the environment as a whole. Conservation is contagious. When someone takes the step in a community, others follow suit until everyone is participating in the effort.

Final Thought

Power is expensive and only grows in costs every day. The same can’t be said for solar energy. These are reducing in price drastically as demands increase with people walking away from the inefficient in favor of the clean and supreme. You genuinely can’t dispute energy powered naturally with no ill effects to the atmosphere that offers you energy efficiency and savings to boot. 

When searching for disadvantages, the only real one to consider would be if you were to add on to your home, how would that affect your panels. But as far as suggestions indicate, there are units available that can expand for when your needs and energy requirements become greater, these  grow along with your specifications. So as far as downsides, you might be left scratching your head.

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