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Happy Toy Machine Review

A special thanks to Happy Toy Machine for allowing my daughter to create a toy for free so that we could review it on my blog!



What is Happy Toy Machine?



Happy Toy Machine is a website that lets you create your own cool, cute, and crazy plush (stuffed) toys. You can use our toy designer to design your own toy just the way you like it – pick your own body parts, colors, facial features, and decorations, and put your name or a message on it. If you’re looking for ideas, just check out our toy gallery to see what other people have made. Create as many toys as you want for free, share them with your friends, and only buy one when you’re ready. When you order we will make your one-of-a-kind custom toy and ship it straight to you. Enjoy!

Happy Toy Machine is also great for giving a unique gift. You can either design a toy yourself to send someone, take a look in our gallery and pick a cool toy to order, or just give someone a gift certificate so they can create their own individualized toy. Have fun, and we’re always here if you need any help or encouragement.


My Review


Stuffed animals accumulate faster than anything else your child owns, any mother will tell you this! Often times I find myself requesting that family members refrain from getting our children stuffed animals during birthdays and holidays. We just simply have way too many poor quality ones that came from fairs, carnivals, arcades, etc. I just recently started weaning through my daughter’s closet full of stuffed animals and found that a lot of them have begun separating at the seems and losing their stuffing. I decided that we really needed to part with those cheaper stuffed animals and keep the ones of better quality! I was also happy to keep the ones that were special and held sentimental value. I really love the stuffed animals that have special stories and meaning and I encourage my daughter to share those stories.

My daughter LOVES her stuffed animals and she can tell you each of their names and how they came to be in her possession. So when I informed her that she was going to have the opportunity to design her very own, one of a kind stuffed animal, she was over the moon! I was anxious for her to enjoy this wonderful experience and I knew immediately that this wasn’t going to be a stuffed animal that would become lost at the bottom of an ever ending pile.

The first step in creating your personalized animal from the Happy Toy Machine is to choose which type of stuffed animal you would like to make. We were very impressed with the amount of options and it took my daughter quite some time to narrow it down to her favorite, but she finally chose to go with a cat. happppyyy happpyyy


You then have the ability to customize your animal any way that you like! The possibilities are endless as you are able to manipulate every body part, color and pattern. My daughter had so much fun creating her cat and was giggling with every click of the mouse.



Here is my daughter’s final creation, she named her “Vampire Kitty.”


 My daughter would get off from the school bus every day asking if her vampire kitty had arrived. She would tell anyone that would listen about how she got to go on the computer and design her own cat and they were sending it in the mail. I knew already that this cat of hers was going to have lasting memories and I couldn’t wait for the two of them to finally unite! When the day finally came, she could barely contain herself on the walk home. She ripped the box open in a matter of seconds and was ecstatic to finally be holding her special creation! I was amazed with how identical it was to the image on the computer and it was very nice quality! She has slept with her vampire cat every single night since she has had it and brings it with her everywhere. I will always remember the look on her face when she first saw her vampire cat. The look of amazement was priceless and she was so extremely proud of herself for creating her very own stuffed animal! Those are the stuffed animals that our children should have, the ones that not only create memories, but are made with good quality material so that they will last in the hands of a busy child. I am so happy with the entire Happy Toy Machine experience and would love to do this again when my son is a little older. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone and everyone, for it is such a unique and fun experience for any child!

The infamous Vampire Kitty!!! I am so impressed with how great this came out!!!happy

My daughter was very happy with how the hearts came out!



My daughter loved the adorable tail she chose for her cat!


If you would like to create memories and design a toy in the Happy Toy Machine, visit their website today!

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Toy Machine is taking creativity to the next level with the Draw Your Own Plush Toy!  With this amazing product, kids will be able to use a drawing app to simply draw the toy they want, and when they’re done, we will make a plush toy exactly like their drawing.  Happy Toy Machine is currently raising funding on Indiegogo to put the Draw Your Own Plush Toy into production – contributors can get some great perks, from toys to stickers to a guest TV spot!  The campaign is running now – check it out here


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

31 thoughts on “Happy Toy Machine Review

  1. I’m glad the stuffed animal came out like you wanted it to. This would be good for my niece to do as she’s very much into art and also tech stuff, lol Thank you for the review 🙂

  2. Happy toy machine, is just a great idea, it allows a child to design the animal, monster or friend of their dreams, it is easy to use and the price is not much more than a good doll or stuffed animal and a child would love to have one that they designed and not just off the shelf.

  3. This site is so much fun. Right up my grandkids alley. I love that they can make it however they want, name it, choose the color. They’re all getting one for their birthdays this year. You just made 14 sales at Happy Toy Machine!

  4. being about to customize your own plush is amazing.i feel that it makes the product more personal and the kids are more prone to adore it.

  5. They are adorable and it is really cool that you are able to basically design your own pet. as far as facial features and body features I was glad to see such a selection.

  6. I went on a site named Happy Toy Machine. Created one for my self. It was so much fun that I know I will go back. The name I get my little Happy Toy is buttercup.

  7. I created an alien out of a robot and called him ET, I would love to create a bunny next!

  8. I hope they get the funds to do draw your own plush toy by the time holly starts drawing it would be so cute to send a plush to her grandma or cousins

  9. This was so fun designing ours. I did it with my daughter. We laughed and enjoyed it. I wish we could have it now.

  10. I love that you can design just about any type of stuffed animal on this site! I like getting things for son that are unique and you can guarantee that no one else will have the exact same stuffed animal because YOU designed it! =)

  11. This is such a wonderful creative idea so children can use their own talents. A child being able to make their “own” toy or stickers is such a perfect idea. My daughter would love to make her very own design. It gets their creative side to working!

  12. What a great & simple way to help child create a custom toy! We had fun creating a “Green Monster”.

  13. This was such a cute experience and a toy that a child will truly treasure if he designs it himself.

  14. My four year old would love this! Every kid would like to make their own creation. What a personalized gift!

  15. What a great gift and idea and sounds like so much fun and easier then taking them somewhere to build there own item. I just know all kids would love to have a personal designed stuff animal

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