Hacks That Made Life Bearable During Covid-19 Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a lifestyle that none of us had expected to adopt. There were changes in working policies, restricted movement and travelling, and more focus on activities that could be carried out from within the comfort of our homes. 

Although most of us were slow to adapt to all the changes, we did it on our own place and luckily everyone was successful in finding some hacks or tricks that could help us spend time productively during the days of lockdown or let us carry out day to day tasks normally. 

I have also made a list of some insanely useful things that made my life more bearable when I was restricted to the walls of my home for more than 3 months. Here’s what got me through! 

  1. Online Delivery Services 

We are not just talking about food here! From typical grocery runs to shopping online for clothes and other necessities, free delivery services really saved me from huge trouble at all times. 

Internet made almost all the stores accessible via online websites and it was possible to order anything and have it delivered instantly to your doorsteps. The best part was that most of these services did not charge even an extra penny! 

  1. Peer to Peer Money Transfer Apps 

With all the bans in place, it was hardly likely that I would be allowed to travel to a bank. Therefore, I started to look into mobile banking apps and e-wallets that could let me transfer and receive funds without setting foot outside. 

To my surprise, there were a number of amazing applications available online. For example, I could use my Zelle account to send money to friends on Venmo, cash apps, or even PayPal. 

Transfer of money using these apps were mostly free although some charged a fee if you wanted to send the funds instantly which was never necessary in my case. Phew! 

  1. FREE HD Streaming 

Since we are n’t discussing the more serious stuff, we can now talk about what saved me when it came to entertainment and spending some quality “ME” time during the lockdown. 

I always preferred cinema theatres over streaming movies at home. However, with Covid-19, it seemed like we had little but no choice. Surprisingly, platforms like Netflix proved to be quite handy with affordable packages available at all times. 

  1. Exploring Vintage and New Games

The pandemic was an excellent time to reconnect with activities that we had long forgotten thanks to our overly-tiring schedules. 

I finally had enough time on my hands to download and play some games that have been dying to try out. I spent hours on Minecraft and figuring out how to perform different functions in the game play.  

  1. Getting into Reading Books 

This had to be one of my most favorite time passes during Covid-19 lockdown. The bookshelf had always been full but, as most of you would be able to relate, we hardly had time to invest on reading novels and even the most interesting comic books that I had stacked for ages. 

Wrap Up 

The times were not easy for any one but with the right kind of activities, it was possible to kill time and be productive as well. There is no doubt that this was an ideal chance for us to learn and re-learn some new hacks that could prove to be useful in the long run. Moreover, the time we had could also be used to explore interesting ventures and find brand new interests in the world that is full of opportunities. 

So, do you think you spent your time well during Covid 19 lockdown? 

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