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Gumdrop Cases Review

A special thanks to gumdrop cases for providing me with free products to review on my blog!

Gumdrop Cases

About Gumdrop

“Gumdrop Cases is a premium fashion brand that targets the sophisticated, fashion-savvy yet practical Apple user demographic. We are experienced, but we also bring a fresh perspective, innovative designs and fast execution to the business. What makes Gumdrop Cases unique? Not only do our cases offer premium protection, but our designs are exceptionally eye-catching and functional. With production infrastructure designed to get our products first to market, we also focus on giving our resellers an edge over the competition.”

My Review

When Gumdrop cases contacted me for a review I was ecstatic! I like to consider myself fashionable and love to add a little oomph to all of my stuff! Gumdrop cases offers affordable and stylish cases for your apple devices! These are not just your average looking cases, they are fun, colorful and effective in protecting your devices. I received the Kindle 7 Shockdrop Case in Black and the iPod4 Touch Bubble Slider in Pink for review. I was first and formost very impressed with how the iPod case is two peices that slide together and click in place. This was extrememly easy to put on and much easier than getting it into the one piece cases. The texture makes it so it safely stays in your hands and you don’t have to worry about dropping it. The Kindle case is officially my new favorite and perfect if you have this device for your child. The kindle in this review happens to be my seven year old daughter’s and she is enjoying the case very much. This case opens up like a book, where you can then place your kindle into the holder and then shut it. The case has a built in screen protector that keeps the screen from getting any scratches. The case is also a very thick material and I am very confident that if ever dropped, it would be protected from any damage. I am overall very satisfied with both products and would highly recommend you visit the Gumdrop factory outlet store today!



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