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Golden Tote: The Ultimate ‘Surprise Grab Bag’ (Clothing & Accessories)

A special thanks to Golden Tote for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with products for free in exchange for an honest review!


About Golden Tote

“Golden Tote is the ultimate ‘Surprise Grab Bag’ filled with clothing and accessories for women. Working with carefully selected fashion brands and designing our own fashion favorites, we curate an eclectic assortment of treasures and package them all up in a custom tote bag for one amazing price. Think of us as your personal shoppers, stylists, and designers that are scoring you some major fashion finds for an incredible price.”


 My Review

As I get older I find it much less appealing to spend all day shopping at the mall for clothes, something I never thought possible. But the truth is… this busy mom just doesn’t have the same amount of patience and energy to drag my kids around, from store to store, as I try to shop for some new outfits. I have found that I would rather just shop from the comfort of my own home and the internet has quickly become my own virtual mall. However, my two children recently received some clothes via subscription box services and I was amazed at how exciting and fun it was for them to get clothes in that way. The whole experience was great for them and that soon led me on a search for subscription box services geared towards adults. I was disappointed to discover that there weren’t a whole lot of quality options out there and was just about ready to give up. Then I happened to come across a wonderful, stylish and exciting monthly subscription box that delivers high quality clothes to your door. The Golden Tote was everything I had been looking for and I could hardly contain my excitement when my package finally arrived at the door!

My Golden Tote arrived in a reusable tote and all of my clothes were nicely wrapped in plastic packaging to ensure a safe delivery. I was delighted to see that all of the selections were bright and vibrant, the absolute perfect attire for the summer. I have mentioned this a hundred times over (to those around me) that I despise maternity clothes and here I am 34 weeks pregnant still refusing to purchase any! I am fortunate enough to be pregnant during the summer where I am more free to dress in loose fitting attire, so I practically live in summer dresses. The summer dresses included in my Golden Tote were not only gorgeous, but the fabrics were extremely soft, stretch, flowy and comfortable. Being comfortable and stylish during the hot summer months is what I strive for and it can sometimes be difficult to find clothes that meet that expectation. Even the tops that I received were extremely light and breezy, perfect for wearing on a hot summer day.

I have to say that Golden Tote went beyond my expectations and was much more amazing than I had expected. I loved each and every piece of clothing I receiving and couldn’t be more pleased with the style and quality. The stylist and designers undoubtedly did a fantastic job deciding which clothes matched my preferences and handpicked the perfect pieces for me. I truly enjoyed my Golden Tote experience and was very fond of having the option to choose two pieces that I loved, as well as receive additionally clothes that were picked out for me. This really allowed my to step out of my comfort zone and go with clothes that were bolder and something I would not have been brave enough to purchase on my own. This was like having my own personal shopper that encouraged me to try something new when I didn’t have the confidence. I am so happy to have discovered such an amazing subscription box service and highly recommend you try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

 Here Are The Amazing Selections I Received In My Golden Tote!

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