Give Your Home Electricity Some Solar Therapy!

Indirectly, the sun powers everything in our world. You can go one step further, and use its energy to power your TV, fridge, and everything in your home! Millions of US homeowners have already taken the jump into solar, so it’s not exactly ‘new’ news.

But you would be joining the revolution at a great time, with the technology getting better all the time, and solar panel prices coming down as they become more widely available. So what’s not to love? Well there’s mostly upsides to solar, but this article guides you through some of the pressing questions you may need answers to before you reach for the sun!

Getting started

In the same way you are unlikely to attempt a house renovation without a professional builder or a court case without a lawyer, it’s unwise to go it alone with solar. So first, make sure to find a local trusted solar panels company to guide you along the process. For example, you can simply browse the internet for the best solar company in San Diego County and easily find the top rated one in the area. It is an electrical installation after all, and there are safety considerations in the same way as conventional electricity.

But the best solar company can do way more for you than installation. Starting out, they can get you the best wholesale prices on your solar panels – usually cheaper prices than you would pay in retail.

Better yet, they can guide you through the catalogue of options to fund your project including state grants or financing. They can also help you plan out your investment over its lifecycle, from the initial setup costs through to the replacement of your panels in around 30 years’ time. In between, you may also qualify for tax breaks or other incentives that can be factored into your decision.

The process for home solar panels

Reputable solar companies will work with you from the onset to design your system from the bottom up. This will start with a suitability assessment for your home.

The strength of your roof for holding the panels, and storage space for batteries will be big parts of this. But calculating your current electricity use is also a good start and will help you plan your investment accurately. As a general guide, if you spend over $1000 on your electricity at the moment, solar is likely to be a prudent investment for you.

Before your project begins, you will also need to notify local authorities. You do not need to get planning permission, but you will need to arrange for it to be signed off from a safety perspective. This involves a safety test before the new system can go live. Your trusted expert can also help navigate these steps but be aware it is important to follow them.

You will also need to plan the number of panels you need to generate the required output. To do this, your roof needs to be assessed for structural safety.  You can also try to optimize sunlight exposure on your panels by cutting back any trees as much as possible.

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