Get a Salon Treatment for Free Courtesy of Your Pantry

Get a Salon Treatment for Free Courtesy of Your PantryBeing a mom is sure a joy, but going through the everyday hustle and bustle of motherhood has taken away our time (and money!) to pamper ourselves. But thanks to the many items in our pantry, we can still enjoy some salon treatment right at the comforts of our home. And the best part? They’re free!

Homemade hair treatment

Hair, the crowning glory of every individual, is unfortunately the easiest one to get messy. So we just end up with a ponytail, so that people won’t see how unkempt this supposed glory is. Fortunately, if you have apple cider vinegar at home, you can don a shiny, healthy hair almost any time you want.

What you need:

  • 1 C water
  • 2-4 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
  • Shampoo
  • Water for rinsing


Shampoo your hair as usual then rinse with water. Mix the cup of water and the ACV then pour it onto your hair. Make sure you got the roots to tips covered. Massage your scalp for about 2 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Do this once a week if you have hair issues. Otherwise, once a month will do. By the way, I know you’re worried about the funny smell the ACV has. So I’m telling you now it will disappear once your dries.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for hair

There are several benefits the ACV has on our hair. It can reduce the frizz, make it shiny, stimulate hair growth, etc. But the one thing I like most about it, which I’m sure you’ll agree with me, is that it can get rid of flakes and dandruff. The ACV’s pH level is optimal for our scalp, which repels fungus and bacteria. And when this happens, dandruff and flakes will have no room on our scalp.

Homemade face treatment

Our face—the lines, the wrinkles, etc.—determines how old we are. Well, that’s if you keep asking random people to guess your age.  But because we’re moms who always put our family above ourselves, we tend to ignore how we look like on a daily basis. So, to keep our facial skin tight and fresh, here’s a recipe for a facial scrub.

What you need:

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 C sugar
  • olive oil
  • honey
  • Bowl/jar


Put the sugar in a bowl or a jar then mix the juice from the lemon. Stir and slowly add olive oil and honey. The amount depends on the consistency that you want. Usually, 1 tbsp of each is enough. Stir all the ingredients until thoroughly combined. Use it as a regular facial scrub, but avoid open wounds. Leave it for about 10 minutes.

Benefits of lemon, sugar, olive oil, and honey for face

Lemon is known to contain Vitamin C which brightens our skin and lightens age spots. Plus it acts as an astringent that tightens pores. Sugar is a good natural exfoliant that cleans pores and removes dead skin cells. It can also even out our skin tones because of its glycolic acid. Olive oil has Vitamin E which acts a moisturizer while honey has antioxidants that help fight skin aging. It’s also antibacterial, getting rid of pimples and acne.

Homemade foot treatment

Our feet, albeit rarely seen because we wear shoes most of the time, still need pampering especially after a long day of running to and fro. Good thing our pantry (and in this case, garden) is always ready to give us the relaxing ingredients we need.

What you need:

  • 1/2 c brown sugar
  • 1/4 c oil (olive, almond, or canola only)
  • Flower petals
  • Jar


Mix all ingredients in a jar thoroughly, making sure that the petals give off their aroma and natural oils. Get enough amount then rub it onto your wet foot. Give about 5 seconds for each area for better results.

Benefits of sugar, oil, and flower petals for feet

Sugar, as mentioned before is a natural exfoliant. Oil, on the other hand, is a moisturizer while the petals act as natural perfume for our feet. If your feet smell after wearing shoes, soak it first in a basin of warm water with 3 tablespoons baking soda.


I know that as parents, we try hard to save money hence, we teach our kids to save some, too. But let’s not be too hard on ourselves, shall we? Always make it a habit to fill your pantry with stuff you need not just for cooking but also for pampering.

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