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Gazelle Wants to Pay You For Your Electronic Clutter

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Gazelle Wants to Pay You For Your Electronic Clutter
Forget the coins under your cushions, how about finding dollars in your desk drawers? Last year’s e-reader, the laptop with the old processor, the iPhone with the cracked screen… believe it or not, these things junking up your drawers and shelves are cash waiting to be collected. This spring, as you clean out the clutter, don’t forget to trade in your old electronic devices at Gazelle.

Starting May 5th, Gazelle will pay an extra $10 for any device valued $50+ that you trade in. An iPhone 4S, for example, can fetch up to $155 on Gazelle, and with this promotion, would be $165! You’ll get extra cash, your home will be clear of the chaos and you’ll be doing the planet a favor! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore when you turn your unused electronics into dollars at Gazelle.

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