Gameplay guide to Avalon slot

We can always rely on Microgaming to bring us the medieval times through the ultimate gaming experiences.

They are amongst the most reputable and well loved developers of online slot games and other games you can expect to find in the casino like, making them a tried and trusted source of playing to win.

You can find the amazing Avalon slot at any of the Microgaming casinos, and many of the online casinos have already got Microgaming amidst their selections.

Gameplay on this UK slot game

Avalon slots is a fun game that has been developed set in the medieval times, and although slot machines didn’t exist then – as far as we know anyway, the feel of this period has been captured fantastically, as you’ll see when you’re immersed in this world through gaming with Avalon slot.

The game is themed around the legend of King Arthur, a legendary British ruler who is famed within pop culture as having led defences in Britain against the Saxon invaders, in the fifth and sixth centuries.

It’s rare to find a game that’s themed around this story, so it is a nice refreshment from the usual playing options available out there.

The graphics and sound effects that you will find with Avalon slots are great as they really transport you to a fun gaming experience as these are immersive, so gameplay flows nicely.

To win with Avalon slots, all you need to do is match over three of the same symbols on any active pay line, and there are 20 of these to play on.

The symbols you can expect to find when you game with Avalon slots include the usual card symbols ranging from 10 to A, and these offer the player smaller pay outs, but pay outs none the less.

Then in terms of other symbols, there is the usual royal custom items you would expect to have found in a medieval era, for example you have a chalice, jewellery, a coat of arms and a crown.

These symbols make up for the more higher win pay outs, as you may have expected, and these are worth more than the card symbols.  

Avalon slot special features

Get two crowns on any active pay lines and this will form a win, making Avalon slot a little easier than other slot gaming options out there.

In terms of the wild, this is the Avalon slot, and the wild is the symbol which will replace all other symbols to create a winning combo, so it’s really one you want to watch out for, but bear in mind it won’t replace the scatter.

There’s also a great bonus feature with Avalon slots, one that you won’t see often if at all from other slots.

Avalon slots gives you the chance to gamble with any win that you get, and you can do this in two different ways as well. 


Avalon slots is a great take on a historic legend, and offers players more chances than most slots to win big. 

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