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Frugal Birthday Party Shopping


With my daughter’s birthday just around the corner, my frugal brain is already at work figuring out ways to save for this years party. I was quite impressed with myself on the excellent job I did last year to save money for her party and I have a bit of a challenge to live up to this year. One of the wisest things I do when purchasing gifts and supplies is compare prices online. I can always find great deals when searching online and almost every website you find has some sort of promotion for free shipping or a dollar amount off. All this research and deal hunting can get a bit overwhelming and it’s always best to have a central location to find all the best deals. That is why I turn to Save1 for all my coupons and special offers. It is so unbelievably convenient to have one place I can turn to that lists all of those critical special offers in one location. I simply type in the store that I would like to shop at and I will see results for any available coupons and special offers that they are currently offering. It doesn’t get much easier than that for a busy mommy!

Here are some money saving tips on how you can have a more frugal birthday party!:




One of the fist steps to planning a birthday party is to determine a location. Over the years I have found that for our family, we are much happier hosting a party at a location, rather than our home. Most places include the food and supplies in their packages, plus you don’t have to set up OR clean up after the party (my favorite part.) We have also learned, many times, that planning the event for an indoor location is best since the weather can be so unpredictable.


Party Discounts:

Many places offer some sort of discount for hosting your birthday party on certain days of the week, specifically on a weekday, so that is always an option to help save money. If you would rather have the party on the weekend, many discount websites  (living social, groupon, etc.) have deals for local businesses. This is where I purchased my daughter’s birthday package last year and I saved a significant amount of money by doing this!

Invitations & Thank You Cards:

Party invitations and thank you cards can always be found in the clearance sections at stores like Walmart and Target.  I am always keeping an eye out throughout the year and will find invitation and thank you cards for deeply discounted prices.

Party Supplies & Gifts:

This is where you are going to head over to Save1 and look up coupons and discounts to all your favorite stores! Birthday In A Box is a one of many options to purchase your supplies at. They offer a variety of birthday supplies in affordable packages, not to mention the several coupons they have available! Buying in bulk is always the best alternative to saving money for your birthday party celebration.


If you’re anything like me and lack creativity and inspiration when it comes to party foods, then Pinterest is your place to go! Need I say more, hehe? Also, don’t be afraid to ask family and close friends to bring something with them. You could just kindly ask them to bring a bag of pretzels, a couple boxes of capri sons, or convince Nana to whip up a batch of her famous potato salad. It has taken me many years to accept other people’s help without feeling like a burden. I’ve slowly learned that my family doesn’t see it as that at all and they are more than happy to lend a hand!

I hope these simple and affective tips help you to better prepare for a more frugal birthday party!  I tried not to overwhelm you with too much information, as planning a birthday party is enough work in itself. Feel free to add some of your helpful money saving tips in the comment section below, I love to hear from my fans!


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