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Frecklebox: Personalized Gifts For Kids! Review

A special thanks to Frecklebox for providing me with free products for reviewing purposes!

What is Frecklebox?

“ is a unique site where you can purchase truly special, one-of-a-kind personalized gifts for kids. Our growing selection of personalized kidsโ€™ gifts includes personalized books, coloring books, puzzles, posters, party favors, stickers, journal books, placemats, growth charts and more.”

Personalized School Supplies Fast Delivery: The production of your personalized gifts begin moments after you complete your order and is completed within 48 hours. You select the shipping.

Enduring Quality: All Frecklebox products are printed on state-of-the-art digital printing systems. The highest quality materials are used to create gifts that last.

 Eco-Friendly: Frecklebox books are printed on recycled paper. All manufacturing is done in the good old USA.


 My Review

frecklebox4 I just adore unique and personalized gifts for kids! I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some nice quality items from Frecklebox that we are enjoying each and every day. I was in love with these items from the moment I opened the package and am highly impressed with the quality. There were so many great options to choose from when selecting the items on the Frecklebox website, but I almost immediately found the perfect selections for my two children.

My seven year old daughter is an avid collector of owls and has just about everything owl in her bedroom. I was ecstatic when I discovered the adorable collection of owl products on the Freckbox website. She is also an artist at heart and always has a crayon and coloring pad in her hands. Her facial expressions were priceless when she observed this magnificent personalized coloring book in which her name was on every page. The matching place mat was equally perfect and has since been used every day.

My three year old son is a pirate at heart and spends his days reenacting scenes from his favorite pirate shows. There was no question about it that he would love nothing more than a special placemat at the table with the title “Captain Roman” for all to see. These personalized kid’s placemats are very adorable and He is also very happy with the personalized name puzzle and the pieces are so perfect for his little hands (he can put the puzzle together with minimal help.)

We are overall very pleased with these items and the great quality assures me that these are going to last a very long time. This is the first time my children have used placemats at the table and they truly enjoy having the option to use them when picking out a seat at the table. Personalized items add a special touch to a simple item and in return it makes your child feel extra special. I am so happy to have discovered such an excellent website and will most defiantly return there for Christmas shopping!


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52 thoughts on “Frecklebox: Personalized Gifts For Kids! Review

  1. My daughter loves anything with her name. It makes her feel very special and inspires to write notes to people, etc ๐Ÿ™‚ I have never heard of this company, so thanks for the heads up and review!

  2. These are absolutely adorable. I know all of my kids would love this. Especially since they have very unique names and it is difficult to find personalized gifts. Thanks for the review!

  3. I really like all these items. My kids would love them too. I think cool gift ideas too. The Santa Cruz notebook has my daughters name on it… no really. She would love that for her next journal. I am bookmarking so I can make a future purchases. Thank you for your wonderful and helpful review.

  4. These are adorable, thank you for the awesome review! It’s nice to know they are high quality and not junk like some you find ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be looking into them for sure to help decorate!

  5. Love this! Would be a perfect gift for my nieces and nephews and my daughter! The owls are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This is great “Frecklebox books are printed on recycled paper. All manufacturing is done in the good old USA.” esp. for kids items.

  7. My daughter would make a mess out of this since she is only 2, but my nieces and nephew would love it. They like things with their name on it, and puzzles. Hum… I’m thinking maybe Christmas.

  8. So many fun things to personalize for kids! What kid wouldn’t love to have there name on a puzzle or paper with there name on it.

  9. Kids love things personalized. Any they love writing things at this age when it is so cute especially. Love the current styles

  10. These are really cute! They would make nice stocking stuffers and Easter basket fillers. I can just imagine my daughter’s surprise when she pulls out a gift Santa got her with her name. She’d feel pretty special.

  11. This is truly a wonderful thing this company does! I wish this would have been available when my son was little. It would make a child feel very special to have something personalized like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Any child would love this. I could see the grandkids fighting over these, but great idea for something unique for Christmas or birthdays

  13. My kids love pirates, and for it to have their names on it would definitely bring smiling faces. Three years ago we personalized backpacks for my two older children and they still have them and love them. They said it was just for them. It was soo cute. What a great idea.

  14. I would love these as not very many people send hand written letters anymore and I would use them to communicate with family members far away!!

  15. I’ve been debating whether I want to try this box for my tinies. Thanks for the great review! I always want to know about a product before I purchase online, ya know? It sounds super fun!

  16. I think I loved the personalized items I bought or my children received more than they did! What could be more fun to a kid than seeing their name on something.

  17. I also like things that are personalized. I really like that they are printed within 48 hours. A huge plus in my book.

  18. Oh I love this! The puzzles are cute too. I have a 3 1/2 year old g-niece who would love this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  19. I got the book today I had ordered for my grandson. I absolutely love it! It was personalized more than I thought it would be to my surprise and I can’t wait to give it to him. He is only about 20 months, but he loves to be read to, and I only get to see him about twice a year because they live about 12 hours away from me. I know he will love it and so will my daughter and son-in-law. Thank you for making such a incredible product!

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