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Flex Watches #Review

A special thanks to Flex Watches for providing me with their products for free to review on my blog!

When I was in high school I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Mexico with a group of 30 people from my church. During my time in Mexico, we helped a very poor community to rebuild their church and supply their Sunday school with a room full of donations. It was obvious from what we saw in front of us that poverty and hunger did not steal from the children the strive to want to learn. Even through our language barrier, we were able to provide them with the means to continue teaching the children of their community. I will always remember the life changing trip to Mexico and never take for granted how lucky we are in America. I was very excited when I discovered that Flex Watches provides donations to the children of Mexico! Please watch the video below to discover more about how effective their donations are.


My Review

I have a very difficult time finding watches that fit comfortably, as my wrist are very small. The majority of watches  I have tried on or owned always have extra room, causing it to feel uncomfortable. My first impression of the Flex Watch was that I immediately knew I would have no problem adjusting it to my wrist comfortably. Because of the flexible material, I am able to adjust it so that it is snug, without causing any discomfort to my wrist (this is not something I am able to do with a regular watch). Another problem I always have with watches is that I am either getting them caught on something or scratching my kids with it (a major issue when you are frequently picking children up and getting them in and out of car seats.) The Flex Watch resolves that issue with it’s smooth and attractive features! I am in love with these watches and do not have a single complaint! They are comfortable, fashionable, functional and help support a wonderful cause when you purchase one!

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38 thoughts on “Flex Watches #Review

  1. I love that the sale of one watch goes to a great cause, that’s so wonderful. These watches look amazing, they’re so big and easy to read. There’s no band to wear and it will not catch on anything. Thank you so much for the share.

  2. These watches are so fun–and I’m very glad to hear about the partnership to help combat child hunger. Great deal all-around! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great review. I have seen these online and always thought they were cool and different. Love that they give back to charity.

  4. How cool that Flex watches also contribute to efforts to feed hungry children. I like that they are flexible and they are also very pretty in a simple streamline way.

  5. I like that it helps out children in Mexico. It comes in beautiful colors and is comfortable to wear.

  6. Flex watches had me at the mention of donations to help children in Mexico. I will remember them when it come time to select a gift. The design looks fun and easy to wear. I like the different colors and face selections available.

  7. The Flex watch looks easy to read and stylish. i love all the bright colors it comes in will go with all my daughters clothes.I love that the company donates to children too.

  8. Thank you for the review, they sound like a great watch, and I love all the different colors. I, too, appreciate that they give back. I volunteer at a store for the needy, I have seen hungry children/adults. It’s sad. Thank you. Vicki.

  9. I love the idea of having a watch that has helped feed hungry children. Not scratching my grandchildren with my watch while getting them in and out of car seats is also very appealing to me. Not to mention they are gorgeous!

  10. I love that Flex Watches provide donations to the children of Mexico. What an awesome opportunity for you to have helped so many children on your trip to Mexico.

  11. I know just what you mean about finding a comfortable watch. It’s not that my wrists are so skinny, but I have pain in my wrist, and some watch bands seem to add to it – tightness, pressure – not sure why. This may be a good option for me!!! (And they are socially concious!)

  12. What a great idea – and for a good cause. And on top of it, the watches are great looking and I love the color selection. You can get one of each and always have one to match your outfit!

  13. I thank you for the time you gave out of your life to help others. I thank Flex Watches to for having such a great program. All it tskes is a little caring and effort to help others.

  14. I love that the sale of these watches goes to a charitable organization. They look so pretty with all the different colors. I like that the band is fully adjustable. I always have trouble getting a watch to fit. Thanks for the great review!

  15. I think its a wonderful organization that can feed 5 hungry children with he purchase of just 1 watch and more companies need to follow suit

  16. These are really cute watches and the fact that they use some of the money to help children is a bonus. Nice product and nice idea.

  17. i really like how a portion of the sales of these watches helps to feed hungry children… i also like the colful watches and they look very durable!

  18. I have a small wrist also, and have a difficult time finding a watch and even bracelets that fit. I love that the flex watch is adjustable and comfortable. The best review in my opinion is one of “tried and tested’ so I appreciate your words. Thanks, the flex watch is colorful too and I love that!

  19. I learnt time when I was in school because I wanted a watch,my dad gifted me my first watch which was black in colour.Since then I cherish watches,shapes,styles,brands,colours,belts.

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