Five Fantastic Ideas for an Unforgettable Hen Party

Hen parties which are also called bachelorette parties are women-only events that bridesmaids arrange to help give the soon to be bride a proper send-off to married life.

Typically held the night before one’s wedding, a good hen party serves as a great way to commemorate the single life your friend is about to leave behind. The bride’s closest friends are often tasked with planning and organizing hen parties. This is because the perfect hen party depends on the kind of person the bride is. Whether the bride would enjoy male dancers like those offered at or a simple makeover day with her best friends, there is a hen party option out there for everyone! I share some great ideas in this article. 

Our guest author Michelle Thomas shares with us five great ideas to host a memorable Hen party. Find out more about this author.

Unforgettable Hen Party

Choosing an appropriate theme is the most important step in the planning Hen party planning process. You want the theme to be based on the bride’s own desires, but you also don’t want it to be too predictable.

You must also decide where to hold the hen party. While some think that hen parties are best held outside the home, there are lots of options for classy hen party ideas at home.

Excellent hen parties conform to a seemingly paradoxical rule: You want the bride to be surprised at the theme, but you also want to ensure that the theme will be something she is sure to enjoy.

Casino Theme Party

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Now, let’s get to the five hens party ideas that you as a bridesmaid could consider implementing in a hen party.

Bottomless Drinks

For soon to be brides who love nothing more than lounging with friends and swapping stories over drinks, definitely consider themes where alcoholic drinks play a central role.

One of the things new brides will miss in their married lives is boozy weekends with the girls.

Send your friend off into married bliss with an all-day tour of a winery or distillery, which often comes with a tasting at the end. You could also join a cocktail-making class to learn more about making your favorite drinks.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also set up your own open bar in your home. Purchase a few bottles of your friend’s favorite spirits, download some great cocktail recipes online, and create all your drinks – while engaging in classic hilarious hen’s night games such as “Never have I ever”!

Makeover Day

For girly-girl brides who love nothing more than getting dolled up, one great hen party idea is to rent out an entire salon for the afternoon. Or you can recruit your favorite hairdresser and stylist to spend the afternoon at your home, styling each and every member of your crew.

You can also hire a photographer to cover the event and help make everyone at the party feel radiant and beautiful. You can give out the photos as souvenirs.

A Day of Relaxation

If your friend is the chill type who loves being pampered, consider staging a hen party in a spa or a resort. Book massages or treatments that will help the entire party feel relaxed. There are also yoga classes and group exercise deals you can snag.

Many spas offer packages that include massages, treatments, and accommodations, on top of food and drinks. Some spas also offer arts and crafts workshops to help keep your mind active to keep the relaxing vibes going after your massage.

For brides who relax by roughing it out, you can check out camping sites near mountains or lakes. Bring your own tents and treats for a full outdoor experience.

Or, if you love camping but could do without the rougher parts, then consider booking a glamping hen party in the north east, which is short for “glamour camping”. Simply put, glamping is camping in the wilderness with all the comforts you expect from home – such as chargers and hot showers.

Food Tours

Gourmand brides will appreciate a food tour that brings all their favorite cuisines into one place.

You can rent a van to take your entire party on a restaurant crawl, where you try out each place’s specialty dishes.

Food tours are also easy to stage even with current pandemic restrictions. Simply meet up at the location, and have different kinds of food delivered to the location.

Note your friend’s favorite foods and check with the brides’ family members to make sure you can order everything she wants.


If you really have a big budget, you can club all five ideas and do a week of crazy partying. Our personal favourite is to go glamping as it is unique and very different from most hen parties.




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