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Febreze Spring Collection Review #FebrezeSpring

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SheSpeaks for Febreze. All opinions are 100% mine.

Febreze Spring Collection Review #FebrezeSpring

When the bare trees begin to sprout green, soon after their blossoming flowers filling in the gaps. When the windows in the car are rolled down and the familiar scent of fresh flowers and cut grass fill the air… that is when I know spring is in the air. Everything around you begins changing, transforming right before your eyes. The once baron tree in your back yard is now overflowing with gorgeous white flowers and a perfectly painted blue sky in the background. But my most favorite part about spring is opening the house windows and letting in the beautiful breeze! There is just something so special about the first time you can finally open the windows after the cold days have passed.

The children and I love visiting the garden store once spring is here and they always adore picking out their own flowers for the yard. In addition to decorating the house with fresh, bright and beautiful spring flowers, the kids also love to collect bugs in the yard. Caterpillars are their absolute favorite little bugs that they always fill their bug catchers with, another sign that spring is officially here.

Once spring is here you can guarantee my children return from the yard covered in dirt and their clothes needing a good wash. Dirty clothes and shoes can give off an unpleasant scent and unfortunately I can’t always get the laundry done daily. I have a pretty low tolerance for unpleasant smells so my cupboards are always stocked with my favorite Febreze products. I was so delighted to have the opportunity to review the Febreze Spring Collection this past month and I am so pleased with this year’s scents! I stuck the Febreze set and refresh in the kids bathroom and I am so happy with how well such a small product can keep a kid’s bathroom smelling amazing. This is a small product that can be discretely placed in their bathroom, without them noticing, so that I don’t have to worry about them getting into it. I was also amazed at how long my car has smelled great since placing the vent clip in their over a month ago. This stylish and effective product gives my car an extra boost of spring scent when I leave the house and I can not complain about that!

My most favorite product from the Febreze spring collection has to be the NOTICEables Notable! I plugged the warmer in the dining room, which we pass when coming through the front door. I get this burst of amazing spring freshness each and every single time I open my front door! I am always so weary about purchasing products like this because they seem to last one week and then that amazing scent wears out. I have had this plugged in on high for over a month and I still can recognize the smell when I walk through the front door. This small warmed literally fills the entire upstairs living area with its pleasing spring scent. I have tried so many products such as this in the past, all of which disappointed and ended up in the trash.  This is honestly the first product, such as this, that truly worked for the amount of time it advertises and I am very impressed! I am overall extremely impressed with the spring collection and highly recommend it!

Febreze Spring Collection Review #FebrezeSpring

Your turn! Tell me what things remind you of spring, your favorite first sign of spring, or what scents remind you of spring?

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