Fashion Tips For Mother Of The Bride

Fashion Tips For Mother Of The Bride

As the mother of the bride, you will be as excited as your daughter from the moment when she announces the engagement until the day after the wedding. Are you using memories of your own wedding to decide how her special day should unfold? The truth is that it is your daughter’s big day.

While you might be lending financial support, you should commit to being a considerate and thoughtful consultant. Since she probably already has her own ideas of what she wants, try focusing on areas that you can be responsible for comfortably, which is how to present yourself at this important occasion.

People will be observing you whenever you share an event with your daughter. You will be walking her down the aisle, introduced at the reception or shower, and the jewelry and clothes that you wear during these times require planning. Your daughter will also have you in mind when choosing her dress, the outfits that her bridal party wears, as well as the wedding theme and color scheme.

Take some time reading bridal magazines before you ever visit the specialty shop. All bridal publications feature mother of the bride ads. Avoid leaving your choice of dress to the last minute – here are some wedding outfits for mother of the bride. You may have to special order your color or size and return for fittings, so ensure that you leave plenty enough time to shop and select.

New jewelry and outfits make not just the wedding day feel special. You can use the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and wedding brunch for dressing and accessorizing as you please. You shouldn’t forget that these events will be photographed and filmed.

What Should You Wear to a Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is usually the first event surrounding the wedding and is designed to be an occasion where the bride receives gifts.

The maid of honor and/or the bridesmaids customarily host the event and there’s usually a theme and/or color scheme. It is a joyful, light hearted day and a healthy dose of feminine whimsy is always appropriate whether or not it incorporates the playful tradition of the bridal hat made of bows.

You will probably be meeting some members and dear friends of the groom’s family for the first time here, which is why you need to look and feel your best. Wear something inviting and upbeat whenever possible.

Mother of the Bride Rehearsal Dress and Dinner

The purpose of this event is to ensure that everybody in the wedding party knows their role. It could well be the first time for all these people that matter so much to the couple and their families, coming together and some might have traveled some distance.

The after-rehearsal dinner is an excellent opportunity for real conversation and introductions that there might not be enough time for during the flurry of the wedding. It can be held in a hotel, restaurant, or even somebody’s home, and dressy attire is the best option for the mother of the bride during this event.

A flattering cocktail dress in a color that flatters your body coupled with a matching necklace is both tastefully alluring and celebratory. You might not be the one officially hosting the dinner but since you are the mother of the bride, your gracious shine helps to add to the anticipation of the wedding ahead.

Mother of the Bride Dress Etiquette

The mother of the bride dress is probably the most important one that you ever shop for ever since you shopped for your own wedding dress. You will most likely shop together with your daughter for hers but she might lack the time to help you choose your dress. It is thus important to keep a few things in mind.

It has already been stated above, but it’s still worth repeating – never leave this to the last minute. Find out whether your daughter has any specific preferences regarding the style or shade to coordinate better with the rest of the party. It is also important to check with the groom’s mother to avoid any clashing colors.

Today, a mother of the bride can wear a halter dress and a removable jacket, a suit or something that’s more elaborate. Simply put, something elegant and formal to something chic and trending. Your aim should be to look your best and not upstaging the bride. Select an outfit you are likely to wear again. Consider the length as well as any possible alterations in the future.

Mother of the bride dresses are typically neutral colors i.e. black, navy, champagne, or bone, which are all shades that go beautifully with the white gown worn by the bride. Your jewelry can provide accents of the wedding colors.

Pair a subtly embellished but lovely champagne outfit with a customized necklace. A great option would be a matrix design that blends hundreds of crystals and freshwater pearls; picture this in the colors of the bride’s bouquet, harmonizing your ensemble with the theme of the wedding while setting you apart as the mother of the bride.

Post Wedding Brunch

The post wedding brunch is typically held if there are some guests from out of town. It is generally a casual event because people are preparing to leave and travel back to their homes. However, you, as the mother of the bride, can use this final gathering to leave a lasting impression.

Wear something polished and relaxed such as a smart pants suit or a day dress. Creating an ensemble with a unique but understated stylish pieces is likely to elevate an informal brunch to resemble something truly special.

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  1. You make a great point about how the dress you’ll wear for your daughter’s wedding is one of the most important outfits you’ll pick out since your own special day. My sister just got engaged last weekend while out fishing with her boyfriend early in the morning. My mom is hoping to find a great dress and then find a great place to get the necessary alterations.

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