Family Movie Night: Camp Hideout

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After a troubled teen steals an important item from two big city Bad Guys, he hides in a church summer camp and finds he must protect his new found friends at all cost when the crooks track him down.

Mischievous foster teen Noah (Ethan Drew) finds himself in trouble again. After one such petty crime and crossing paths with two foes, he chooses summer camp over juvenile hall. Upon arrival, Noah quickly comes to realize the camp’s notorious owner, Falco (Christopher Lloyd) and his dog Lazaraus ironically loathe children. The double whammy takes a turn as Jake (Corbin Bleu), an optimistic camp leader, lifts Noah’s pessimistic attitude. The friendship snowballs for the good as Noah opens up to fellow campers and together they bond in all the fun and memorable ways camp offers. When all seems well, the “bad guys” show up at camp in search of Noah to take back what he stole. Together, Noah and his fellow campers band together to construct a funhouse hideout in the woods, packed with booby traps, zip lines, and bees. In a “change of heart,” cold-hearted Falco warms to the campers, and steps in to help; and together they all learn a valuable lesson of sticking together.

Our family really enjoyed watching and give it to very big thumbs up! We can’t wait for your family to experience the movie for yourself. This brought back so many childhood memories of camp and was quite nostalgic. What I truly loved about this PG, family-friendly film is that the kids learn what it truly means to forgive and the power of faith. Not often these days do we find movies like this with such great meaning.

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