Factors To Consider When Hiring Speech Therapists For Children

Not all children are the same. Some are born able while others need a little push to adjust. If your child suffers from communication disorders such as swallowing and feeding disorders, cognitive-communicative disorders, fluency disorders and more, you may want to hire a speech therapist.

Nevertheless, there are key things to consider before settling for a particular one. With so many SLPs available, it will be wise to consider one with the most relevant qualities based on your child’s needs. You can check out SuperTalkers when you are looking for someone to improve your child’s speech.

The list below will help you identify the right speech-language pathologist for your child.

  • Relevant experience

The level of expertise matters a lot when looking for any physician. In this case, they should know how to assess, diagnose and treat a variety of communication disorders.

Nevertheless, the therapist you opt for should be relevant to your child’s needs regardless of their years of experience. For instance, if your child has Autism, hiring a language pathologist who has 10 years of experience in the school board may not be the ideal move.

He or she may not have the relevant expertise in this field. On the other hand, consider hiring someone who has solved the highest number of cases similar in diagnosis to those of your child.

  • Licensing and Academic Credentials

Proper licensing and Accreditation are important when choosing a speech therapist. It is important to work with a legally registered therapist.

Plus, every reputable health practitioner has a valid license to prove their legitimacy. Licensing also assures you of quality services and desired results. On the other hand, check for academic and professional credentials.

Although, you’re not likely to come across a pretend SLP, choosing one with a Master’s Degree from a reputable college is a plus. You can as well check with a provincial licensing board for clarity.

  • Multiple treatment approaches

Your child will benefit more if you consider an SLP with vast knowledge in multiple treatment approaches. Bearing in mind that every child is different, an approach that worked well with another kid may not work well with yours.

This is why you should consider a therapist who is well trained to tackle different types of treatment approaches. For example, if your child suffers from a motor speech disorder, and isn’t responding to the phoneme touch and say approach, your physician can quickly change it and try the cycles approach.

  • Personality

How your child relates with the therapist matters. If your child fears or dislikes them you might not get the desired results. Look for an SLP with a good personality and one who can create a friendly environment with their client.

If you are dealing with a teenager, you should look for a therapist who relates and understands teens on their level. Some children are hyperactive while others are shy and reserved.

Your preferred physician should be able to match their different personality and interest regardless of their age.

  • Recommendation and references

This is one of the easiest ways to get a good therapist. Be willing to ask around for references from family and friends.

You can also consider checking various customer reviews on their websites for more information. If a customer was satisfied by the services offered, they will definitely leave positive feedback and vice versa.

You can also consider asking your preferred physician for the names of customers they have worked with before. Only a reputable person will be willing to provide such information.

  • Motivational

Speech therapy demands a lot of patience and compassion. Good physicians should encourage and motivate their patients to believe in themselves.

They should also not tire or lose hope in their patients no matter how long it takes them to learn. It is the responsibility of every speech pathologist to engage their patients and walk them through the entire learning process without showing disdain.

Consider hiring someone positive and who appreciates progress. The last thing you want is your kid giving up because they felt discouraged or alone.

  • Organizational skills

Organizational skills are key qualities that every Speech pathologist should have. Kids are affected by various communication disorders including articulation disorders, Speech Sound Disorders, Language disorders, Resonance among others.

When dealing with a group of children with different communication disorders, strong organizational skills are a must. Your therapist should be able to attend to all the children’s needs regardless of the size of the caseload.

Establishing proper planning and good time management enhances productivity and reduces stress. It also ensures the provision of quality services to all the parties involved.

  • Team player

A good physician should be able to collaborate with teachers, parents, guardians, and other family members involved in the kid’s life. Working as a team may help speed up the entire process and make learning much easier.

After all, to be a good speech pathologist you must have good communication skills. Likewise, team players are good listeners and always willing to consider others’ output. They are also good at assigning appropriate tasks and maintaining a social life.

  • Enjoy working with children

Children are naturally a handful and working with them can be quite challenging. However, the right therapist should know how to work their way around kids.

Ask your physician about their most ideal working environment before hiring them. Some people are good with small kids while others prefer adolescents or high school students. If your kid is a preschooler and they prefer high school kids then you need to look somewhere else.

The main objective here is to give your kid the best therefore you should only hire someone good for them. Click here to read more about speech therapy.


If you’re considering a pediatric speech therapist to help with your kid’s communication challenges, you will need to do your hunting wisely. First and foremost, consult your family or friends who have used these services before for recommendations. Once you have identified one, consider their traits and skills before hiring them. It is also important to confirm whether they are registered with the relevant authorities. Primarily, don’t shy from asking questions where you are stuck.

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