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EZBiotics Review

A special thanks to EZBiotics for providing me with a free product for review!

 EZBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement

  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Helps replenish your body’s good bacteria
  • Provides 10 billion good bacteria daily


Just one dose each day helps support a healthy GI Tract which encompasses the majority of your immune system and your body’s ‘good’ bacteria.

Stress, antibiotics, age, depression, weight gain, poor diet and illness can all contribute to depleted ‘Good’ bacteria in your body.







My Review

Just recently my children caught the infamous cold that hits us every year towards the end of fall. The routine is always the same each year… both kids get a cold, I take care of them and as soon as they are feeling well again… I get sick! This is absolutely the worst because there’s no way I am expected to get any rest or recuperation when both children are happy and healthy again. But that is the life as a mom and you get use to being sick while caring for your children. I just so happened to have received the EZBiotics Daily Probiotic Supplement for review a few weeks prior to the awful cold and had been taking them daily. I remember it like it was yesterday, both of the children were feeling well again and I started to feel pretty down. I began thinking to myself  “oh boy, here we go, now it’s my turn to be sick!” Normally after caring for sick kids for two weeks and being so run down, my cold lasts a week or so. I am so happy to announce that this mama was only out of commission for one single day. I couldn’t believe that after just one day on the couch, I was feeling completely better the following day. Plus my cold wasn’t nearly as bad as it usually is! I have always heard great things about taking probiotics and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to try them out for myself. These are truly a great product to take, especially during cold season!


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