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If you’re anything like the average Jo or Jolene, you’ll probably associate airports with stress, annoyance and more security than Fort Knox. But let’s put a pin in that thought process. Many business people fly across the globe every day, and they manage to find spaces to lounge, relax and unwind in the airport. These are the cool and laidback cats you should keep an eye on if you want to reach a Zen-like state during the mandatory security pat-down. While it’s easy to lose your head amongst the hubbub, airports are actually teeming with stress-free options. Sure, they’ll cost you a little extra, but can you put a price on an easy life? To stop you pulling out your hair at the check-in desk, let us take you through the best options available in your local flight hub.

Airport parking

There’s a knack to parking your car in an airport – but no one seems to have figured out what it is yet. That’s because parking your car at an airport with minimal stress is about as easy as lassoing the moon and yanking it to Earth. HOWEVER, many private providers will take your car off your hands for a nominal fee and park it for you, giving you plenty of time to hustle over to the departure lounge. Companies like allow you to book a private valet online for less than $100. For that princely sum, your car will be collected at your terminal and driven to a secure location awaiting your return. Who can say fairer than that?

VIP departure lounges

‘Despair in a departure lounge,’ sang the Arctic Monkeys, and they were right. A standard lounge is about as aesthetically appealing as a portaloo, and arguably even less hygienic. But VIP departure lounges are available, and they’re mighty comfortable. For the entry fee, you’ll enjoy food, drink, newspapers, robust Wi-Fi, luxury seating and better service than the residents of the Ritz Carlton. Prices vary from airport to airport, but this is a worthwhile purchase if you can’t stand crowds.

Hot desks

If you’re travelling for business, then trying to catch up on your workload while travelling can be a nightmare, especially in a busy international airport. That’s why many flight hubs offer hot desks or private spaces specifically designed to give business people the space they need to get their jobs done. How convenient hot desking facilities actually are will depend on the airport you’re flying from, but they’re well worth researching before you head off on your travels. That’s our list! Can you think of any other great tips for travelers old and new? Or perhaps you’d like to quiz our other readers about your airport experiences? Either way, let us know in the comments below!

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