Everything You Need to Know About the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

Involvement in truck accidents may not only mean inconvenience but a damaged vehicle and potentially a damaged human body. There can be much to sort out concerning who is at fault for the accident and about getting well again.

Should you need to claim damages against the negligent party who caused the accident then there will be firms of lawyers you can turn to for help with receiving the best possible pay out. For instance, the Law Offices of L.T. Baker. It is times like these that we will need a personal accident lawyer on our side, should there be injuries sustained to ourselves and not just our vehicle, which can usually be repaired, depending on how it has fared in the accident.

Let us then consider just what the aftermath of an auto accident might entail.

Damage to Vehicle

The damage to our vehicle should be the least of our worries, even if it does inconvenience us not having our car that we are familiar with driving. It is only an object and not as important as our health.

Insurance companies will be involved in deciding who was at fault based on the claim forms submitted and police report, where applicable. If there is too much damage to our vehicle for it to be financially viable to repair, then it will be classed as a write-off and the value of the vehicle will be compensated. Our no claims bonus may be affected, depending on who was at fault and whether protected no claims bonus was purchased.

Normally under insurance policies, where a vehicle is out of action due to an accident, a garage will loan a courtesy car to an affected policyholder. This can, in many cases, be funded by the insurance company and not the individual.

Personal Accident Claims

Sadly, many vehicle accidents result in the driver or their passengers ending up injured. Sometimes this can mean a life-changing injury.

It will be important to consult a personal accident lawyer for advice in these incidences. There can potentially be large sums of money at stake in terms of the damages that compensate severely injured victims. They will depend on the length of the time there is likely to be a loss of earnings. Also, they will compensate for medical bills and those of carers that have been needed to be paid or may indeed need to continue to be paid well into the future.

A personal injury lawyer will consider all aspects of what a car accident victim might suffer. This will include their physical injuries and how they impact their job and the mental trauma suffered. Medical reports will be evidence as to how it has affected someone or a member of their family.

Criminal Prosecution

If drunk or dangerous driving was involved, then not only will a personal injury lawyer be required but also one to act on behalf of the accused. Criminal proceedings will result where there is enough evidence to potentially convict. The police reports will be the evidence to help everyone decide, including road markings and witness statements. An auto accident is therefore an example of where a criminal and civil court case may result, and two diverse types of lawyers are needed.

There is then much to think about when it comes to the aftermath of auto accidents. The damage that can result from them can extend beyond vehicle damage and into health problems for accident victims. Two distinct kinds of lawyers may be required for these kinds of cases. The same lawyer that deals with personal accident claims will not be the one that deals with criminal cases but that is good because it means that the lawyer will be a specialist in their area and so can achieve better results for the client they are defending ultimately. Law is about justice, but also fairness and the legal system is about getting to the truth.

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