Everything Moms Need to Know About Delta 11 

As the cannabis industry explodes across the globe, studies concerning the over two hundred compounds found in the plant continue. Unfortunately, the science is still a bit behind when it comes to educating the public about the molecular breakdown and benefits of all cannabis products and derivatives, including Delta 11.  

If you are familiar with other compounds in the Delta series, you know that they range from mild mood management and pain relief to psychedelic highs. Delta 8,9 and 10 have all been continually studied, and new compounds like 11 are always found. What is unknown about Delta 11 at this point is limited, as are the marketable products.  

That being said, some scientifically backed benefits of Delta 11 have already been uncovered. In this article, we will take a closer look at what we know about Delta 11 and what busy mom’s need to know before you try it.  

What Is Delta 11? 

As cannabis products become more popular, most people have heard such terminology as CBD and THC but do not necessarily know much about the Delta Series. In simple terms, Delta-11 is a chemical compound found in cannabis that is believed to have more powerful effects than its close relative Delta 9. Users claim they experience heightened cognitive ability with a relaxing yet euphoric effect.  

Delta compounds found in cannabis work because they can easily bind themselves to the endocannabinoid system in the body. This system is responsible for mood regulation, pain management, and immunity.  

While there are many health benefits that stem from the antiinflammatory properties of Delta 11, it must be noted that the psychedelic properties found in the compound can also be powerful. As a busy mom, it’s best to find a low dose to help with pain and mood management, and you can increase your dose after the kids go to bed. 

Is It Safe? 

While more studies are warranted on this newly discovered cannabis compound, it’s believed to be safe for most users. As a naturally occurring compound, most people have uncomplicated reactions.  

There are dozens of published studies about the possible side effects, both long and short term of cannabis products. In most cases, apart from environmental allergies, there are no dangerous side or health effects of CBD, CBDA, The Delta Series, and Marijuana. 

It’s important to mention that anytime you want to try anything new, including cannabis products, it’s best to have a conversation with your doctor. You may have undiscovered allergies to certain cannabis compounds, or it could interfere with a current medication that you are taking.  

Side Effects 

In current Delta 11 studies, safety and potential short and long-term side effects remain a priority. It is believed that while psychedelic experiences may be individual, Delta 11 is safe for consumption with very few negative side effects found when overconsuming, including: 


  •  If you overdo it on Delta-11, you may feel drowsy and fatigued 
  • Mom’s are often looking for something that relieves fatigue, not something that will make them too relaxed when they need to be attentive to the family. 
  • If you are having trouble relaxing to get to sleep, Delta 11 might be a good natural alternative  

Dry mouth 

  • Delta 11 can inhibit saliva production, leaving you dry 
  • You may want to have a drink nearby to sip to avoid dryness in your mouth 

Bloodshot eyes 

  • Some people have a mild allergic reaction to Delta-11 causing their eyes to become dry and bloodshot. 
  • Using artificial tears or products like Visine can help to relieve any discomfort.  

When trying a new cannabis product, it’s important to start small. Each person reacts differently to different blends and specific compounds, so never assume you know your limit immediately. Once you find the right blend for you, you can increase your dose safely.  

Potential Benefits of Delta 11 

The demand has dramatically increased since the discovery of Delta 11 and its powers, which will undoubtedly lead to more research and product availability. Delta 11 has been known to have a number of benefits, some of which are as follows: 

  • Intense relaxation: The stress of having so many responsibilities on one’s shoulders can make it difficult for moms to relax. With Delta 11, you will be able to get the healing rest you need to keep on going. While it may not knock you out, you will enjoy the pain relieving relaxation that Delta 11 can provide for sore and overworked mommy muscles. 
  • Mood boosting: Many new moms struggle with the inevitable hormone fluctuations that occur after giving birth. Delta 11 should not be used instead of more traditional treatments for conditions like postpartum depression, but it can help to take the edge off of your mood swings.  
  • Unintoxicated euphoria: In small amounts, Delta 11 is known to provide users with a mildly intoxicating feeling of euphoria that is also mildly intoxicating. The Delta 11 supplement can help you feel more energized and motivated if you are suffering from fatigue or low mood. 
  • Long-lasting effects: In terms of the duration of the high you will get from smoking cannabis, it can range anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. In contrast to Delta 11, Delta 11 works more slowly and has an extended release time, especially if you consume it in the form of gummies.  
  • Cognitive boost: Delta 11 has some of the same properties that can be found in sativa cannabis blends. There are mind boosting compounds that can be very helpful to staying organized and open minded.  

Potential Issues 

Every person’s endocannabinoid system has the potential to react differently to any cannabis product, including Delta 11. Before starting any supplement, it’s important to speak to your doctor about any potential medical conflicts. If you are cleared to try Delta 11, do your research before buying any products. It’s best to get online and educate yourself about the pros and cons, and find a reputable dealer you can trust. 

If you have been hearing the buzz about Delta 11, we hope this has given you enough information to be able to confidently choose the right product for you.  

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