Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad

Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad
Summer is finally here in Georgia and it’s the perfect time to serve delicious Suddenly Salad with all of our favorite meals. We love being outdoors during the summer, cooking on the grill and having fun playing with the kids in the yard. All of that running around and playing outdoors means I have three little kids that are going to be extra hungry from burning off all that energy. It’s the quick, simple and delicious foods that I depend on to keep sane during the summer months. Suddenly Salad is something each of my kids loves and it is just perfect for our summer routine!

Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad

About Suddenly Salad

4 Servings per container (Buy 2 or more to increase the batch size)
• Served Cold
• 6g Protein
• Stir-In Ideas and One Recipe included on pack
• Allergens: Contains Wheat, Milk, May contain Egg & Soy

Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad

What I really love about Suddenly Salad is that it doesn’t take more more than 15 minutes to prepare any of their products. You simply boil the pasta, drain the water, mix in the mayo and seasoning mix and you are good to go! My kids just love them and are always asking for seconds. These salad pair perfectly with so many meals or are delicious all on their own. You can also get creative and throw in some fresh vegetables or some kielbasa to really spice the meal up! However you decide to enjoy a delicious bowl of Suddenly Salad, everyone is sure to love it.

Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad

If you are like me and always stressed out over what to bring to the next BBQ, then these are sure to be your favorite go to meal. I am terrible at coming up with meals to bring with me to a gathering and Suddenly Salad is really going to help me out in that department this summer. I can not wait to share the different flavors with our friends and family this summer, because who doesn’t love a good ol’ salad with their burger and hotdogs?

Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad


Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad


10 thoughts on “Enjoy the Taste of Summer With Suddenly Salad

  1. i just love these products! they make it so easy to whip up a yummy salad for a picnic or anytime! i love the creamy macaroni! making one for memorial day

  2. Oh the Suddenly Salads look so good and easy to make! We love having pasta salads during the summer! The Quick Antipasto Pasta Salad looks so good! I would make that one first!

  3. They all sound delicious but being as would be many Italians at our cook out would go with the Quick Antipasto Pasta Salad!!

  4. I would love to make the Layered Summer Pasta Salad. Besides looking delicious, I think it would be easy to make and its cute too. I love that their products are a great variety of different types of salads. I will have to check them out at my local grocery store. Thanks for the chance to win.

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