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Enjoy A Guilt Free Treat With Gluten Free PEZ® Hedz

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Enjoy A Guilt Free Treat With Gluten Free PEZ® Hedz

We all remember PEZ candy being apart of our childhood, who can forget the many dispensers we collected as kids! I would always be so thrilled to discover PEZ candy in my Christmas stocking or Easter basket. PEZ has recently come out with an entirely new collection of guilt free candy that as an adult… I feel OK about eating! PEZ Hedz are premium soft candy chews made in delicious flavors and fun designs, like those you would find on top of a PEZ dispenser. The best part? PEZ Hedz are vegetarian, gelatin free, gluten free and 99% fat free, which makes them unique to most other similar candies and the perfect sweet treat for an active lifestyle as well as for those with specific dietary restrictions. I was very excited to try these out with the kids, as I am always looking for healthy ways to indulge on sweets.

Enjoy A Guilt Free Treat With Gluten Free PEZ® Hedz

The first thing I want to point out is how big the PEZ Hedz are, I was expecting gummy bear sized candies but these are very generously sized. They are also not chewy and sticky, unlike many gummy like candies, so there’s not yucky stuff getting stuck in your teeth. Despite being fat free, gluten free and vegetarian…PEZ Hedz are surprisingly full of flavor and it’s hard to believe you are eating a guilt free treat. I was actually thinking about how perfect these would be for decorating cupcakes or even a birthday cake! There are so many great treats you could accessories with the PEZ Hedz. My daughter ha a birthday coming up and I am going to include some of these in the children’s goodies bags. Like I said… there are so many fun and creative ways to utilize the PEZ Hedz!

Enjoy A Guilt Free Treat With Gluten Free PEZ® Hedz

Check out the video below to get a closer look and description of these super delicious PEZ Hedz! Our family is just loving them and we know you are going to adore them just as much. So make sure to grab some of these guilt free treats, you will not regret it!



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