Encouragement and Learning: How to Teach a Child to Swim

Today, roughly 36% of kids swim a half dozen times each year. Time in the water is an excellent time for your kids to cool out and regroup in the summertime between school years. It’s a way to create fun memories, and if they learn how to swim, they’ll be able to spend meaningful time with their friends and enjoy time at the pool on vacation. 

The best way to encourage swimming is by helping your child build the skills that’ll last a lifetime. Read on so that you can learn how to teach a child to swim effectively. 

Understand the Importance 

Several people today have a fear of swimming. Water safety is a matter of knowing how to control your body in a way that works with the water in the pool or beach, rather than against it. As a parent, you should help your child build these life skills so that it’s one less life fear they have to deal with. 

It can also be a matter of life or death since a strong swimmer is less likely to drown. You can also have peace of mind when the weather gets warm, knowing your child can take care of themselves and you’re not solely reliant on a lifeguard to protect them.  

Start as Early as Possible

Babies come out of the womb knowing how to swim. So essentially, teaching your child to swim is a matter of unlearning bad habits and getting comfortable in the water. Start them out with lessons when they have less fear and are closer to their natural state. 

This is also a time that they’re building their motor skills, so they’ll take to the water like a fish when you show them the proper way to tread water and perform the necessary strokes. 

Learn How Your Child’s Mind Works

Swimming lessons should be a fun and engaging time with your child. This way, you don’t have to twist their arm to do it, and it won’t become an obligation. 

Include toys and floaties so that your child has a fun companion as they learn. Invest in a fun and colorful sea otter stuffed animal that makes it a joy for your child to spend time in the water. 

Make it a game for them, while also making sure that they are retaining the correct information. 

Hire a Swimming Instructor

Investing in professional swimming lessons can give your child a life skill that they’ll never forget. Look into swimming lessons at the pool or hire a private instructor for more one on one time. 

Swimming lessons cost about $15 to $40 per lesson, yet the investment is priceless. 

How to Teach a Child to Swim

The tips above are crucial when you’re learning how to teach a child to swim. When you understand the ins and outs of these lessons, it’ll allow you to invest in your child’s life now and in the future. They will thank you every time they enjoy some fun at the pool!

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