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 I am always looking for an fun and creative ways to keep my active children busy and their minds sharp. However, some days I struggle to come up with unique ways to keep their imaginations flowing. Here are some great tips to help jump start some educational activities for your kids!

– Learning a musical instrument is a great indoor activity that keeps kids busy learning that has also been shown to improve both math and reading test scores.

– Have an arts and crafts day by using objects from around the house to make musical instruments.

– Get kids moving (and burning off some of that crazy kid energy) with a dance party in your living room.

– Bust out your art supplies and put on some music! Ask your kids to draw or paint the way the music sounds or makes them feel.

– Younger children can learn a lot about math, colors, and playing well with others from playing board games. Slightly older kids can learn even more by making their own games! Supply your kids with a piece of cardboard for the board and some art supplies, and let the game begin.

– Ask your kids to help you make a favorite recipe. Not only will you get a new little helper in the kitchen, but your child will get to practice reading, math, and following directions.

– Make reading come to life for your kids. While reading a favorite book with your child, pick parts and act out the book together.

– Using an old shoe box, construction paper, and whatever art supplies you have on hand, your child can create a diorama of your child’s favorite story.

– Draw circles, squares, and triangles on several pieces of paper and ask your kids to draw things on them that are the same shape.

 What better way to enrich your child’s life than introduce them to music lessons!? Not quite ready or unsure if your child would be interested? How about trying out some fun music games for kids and see if it peeks their interest? I recently discovered 5 great music games that I know your child will love! Is your child more of a hands on, artsy type kid? You could always work on making instruments with everyday objects! The possibilities are endless!

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